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Fabric Labels

Hard to remove tough fabric labels are used for hospitals, medical and industrial applications. These are perfect for upholstery and carpet industry. We provide quality tough fabric sticker options in any die cut shapes with a cutting reliability. We can customize and create rigid and tough labels for fabric in any cut-out shapes with digital die cutting. Tough fabric labels are used mostly on appliances and equipment. These are the woven apparel cloth labels for garments and ready-mades that require no ironing or sewing. These can be used as  care tags on garments and clothing. Self-adhesive fabric labels are the woven clothing labels for use with purses, bags and luggage industry. We can provide either easily removable labels or extremely hard to remove tough labels using various kinds of fabric.


Order Fabric Labels

Let us be your high quality woven and custom printed labels on fabric source for clothing labels. We specialize in the label manufacturing for a wide variety of self adhesive labels. At Multicolor Labels we print different types of digital printed self adhesive labels on specialty films. 

Fabric labels with variable data printing is a form of an on demand printing of self adhesive fabric labels in which all the labels in a print run are similar but not identical. Variable Data Printing allows you to efficiently create a series of variable data labels and serial number labels, ID cards, serial number stickers in which text and/or graphics change from one print to the next. Variable data printing is a great tool for customizing photos, sales messages, numbers and names, permits and passes, security permits and products packaging labels used with unique identification numbers. 

With go digital labels, let your company look professional with our high-quality full-color self adhesive fabric labels. Contact us by email for assistance and custom quotes on custom fabric labels or for any further assistance.

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