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Importance of Variable Data Labels for Business Products

When it comes to your business information, you want to have a system that is simple and concise while still remaining ahead of the  demand for your business products. A wide variety of QR codes, barcodes, serial number labels and consecutive numbered stickers are a great way to manage your supply chain needs. Utilize unique, easy to identify VDP labels to enhance your business workflow and product inventory management.

Variable Data Labels

There are a wide variety of different products that can be made with variable data printing. These products can include name ID card stickers, numbered Stickers, variable images, and Barcode Labels.

Numbered Stickers

Standalone sequential numbering are numbered stickers and labels such as 01001, 01002, 01003 and so on.  Looking to create outstanding serial number labels, asset tag IDs, property ID labels, or tamper proof warranty or security labels? These labels can take the form of simple numbers for human eyes or complicated barcodes for scanners.

Barcode Labels

When it comes to barcode labels have QR codes or 2D barcode stickers and labels. Barcode labels are easy for scanners and phones to read and detect. QR codes are made from a square matrix of dots. Stored within these dots are massive amounts of information or data such as text, URLs, or other data. With the growth of the business information systems, JIT just-in-time systems, mobile markets and the rise of smartphones, QR codes can be wonderful tools to use that lets you take advantage of the growing market needs.

Tips For Creating Variable Data Labels

When it comes to creating your variable data prints, there are definitely some things that you should know when it comes to creating these labels.


  • Break up any labels with long strings of numbers with dashes for easier readability.
  • Avoid repeating the same number too much. 798978797 can be much harder to read.
  • Be careful when using”0” and “O” or “l” and “1” as these symbols are very easy to confuse.
  • Stick to using smaller and simple strings compared to larger ones. Large strings become frustrating to read.


Digital Printed variable data labels with white ink on several types of backgrounds can be convenient options . These include reflective stickers, chrome and silver labels stickers and destructive stickers as well. Increase your company’s supply chain and inventory control with high quality, full-color custom barcode labels and variable data printing. Get quick turnaround on orders for numbered stickers when you order them from the experts at Multicolor Labels. We ship across North America including Toronto, California, New York, Florida, Texas, Michigan, Alaska, Hawaii, and Colorado.


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