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Key Benefits of Using Custom Stickers for Marketing

The next time you walk into the store, try looking around at different products and see if you can recognize the products based on their branding rather than their name. Chances are you will be able to recognize all the popular brands like Coca-cola, Pepsi, Gatorade, Lay’s, President’s Choice, General Mills, etc. You will know these brands by their logo and label because they have been drilled into your mind through constant advertising, being prominent in grocery stores, and just generally having a clean logo design.

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Having an effective label isn’t all about making your product recognizable, it’s also used to persuade a potential customer to buy your product. Having an engaging label has been proven to significantly impact on what a customer will buy when choosing between two or more brands. Here are some of the top benefits of using a custom sticker to persuade customers to buy your products.

Make your product pop

When the average person shops, they only have about 12 seconds of attention span when looking for a product to buy. With so many other options available, you have to make sure your product stands out. Most of the time a consumer can’t test your product before buying it, they rely heavily on the branding aspect of the product.

Having a custom sticker with a bold logo and big letters on your product will catch the eye of consumers which will make them pick up and read what your product has to offer. The main goal of your sticker isn’t to outright sell your product, it’s to get the customer to be aware that it exists and see if the product is right for them.

Engage your customer

Having a great quality product but having bad branding won’t sell products, but having great branding and a bad quality product won’t bring back returning customers. To get initial sales and getting customers to buy your product on return visits, you have to persuade people using information about your product to convince them your product is better than the rest.

This is where your target audience research comes into play. Is your target customer more likely to be sward by a sense of logic or through their emotions? Use your research when designing your custom sticker to optimize the design to ensure your target audience will react positively to your branding and marketing labels.

Optimize your stickers when shipping

If your company offers shipping options, use your sticker on the boxes that you ship directly to the customer. Using the stickers will reinforce your brand as it will be the first thing your customer sees when they receive their package.

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