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Benefits and Uses of Waterproof Labels

Waterproof and weather-resistant industrial labels are designed for use in the most demanding jobs. Our waterproof materials are a good fit for work that requires a durable label with moisture protection. There are a countless uses for waterproof labels – the only limit is the imagination.

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The Benefits

  • They're extremely durable
  • They hold up in extreme temperatures
  • Logos, designs, and all other printed information will stay legible
  • They're built to withstand wear-and-tear
  • They're tough and functional without sacrificing aesthetics
  • They're made with a strong, permanent adhesive
  • They are eco-friendly and reduce your need for expensive and harmful waterproofing sprays
  • The colors will not run off – These being smudge proof
  • These can easily be made rub proof to prevent deterioration of the labels

Common Uses

Waterproof labels materials are popular these days because of versatility of end uses.  Here are just a few ways of using waterproof labels:

Food & Beverage

When selling food or drink out of a fridge, you need to make sure your labels will put up with all the wet hands and condensation that forms from going in and out of a refrigerator. Attractive waterproof freezer labels can help you market your frozen products including sauces, jams, and jellies.

Bath & Body

With Bath & Body products that end up in a bathroom or by a sink, a waterproof label is a no-brainer. These labels will withstand the humidity and heat of baths, soap residue, and contact with lotion.

Children’s Jackets

A child’s jacket needs to be identifiable as kids tend to wear similar looking coats. Color Coding and Labeling the outside of a jacket allows for small children to identify their clothes quicker, particularly if they can’t read yet.

Boats and Boating Supplies

Whether your boat is massive size or a small one, it needs a name for good luck (and for identification purposes). At the very least, you need to label your ship with a name, but you can go further and decorate your boat with designs of your choice. Waterproof labels are also great for lifejackets and toolkits. A picture label communicates ideas very quickly which can be important when you’re out on open water.


Safety is always something to be concerned about, so consider printing waterproof instructions for any outdoor equipment you own that could be a potential danger. Labels are particularly important for power equipment such as high-pressure washers.

Make Your outdoor machinery and vehicles safe with waterproof labels

A waterproof label can help you identify your machinery and vehicle in the outdoor atmosphere with sturdy and durable labels applied to it. Waterproof stickers and all weatherproof stickers will not be affected by snow, rain or the sunshine. With additional UV protection, these can last for many years ahead.  Multicolor Labels is a Mississauga based business that creates high-quality labels for all your industrial and business needs. We ship across USA and Canada including Toronto, New York, California and more. 


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