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A Practical Guide to Variable Data Printing and Uses

Variable data printing (VDP) is en masse printing with unique information, bar-codes, numbers and possibility of unique images on each label. This helps to keep track record of your inventory, product ID, brand sources, compositions, vital information etc. on record. With variable data unique printed information, you can cater product information for each company or customize printed information in endless ways to suit your business needs. It is the tool that allows you to have well organized database - it is easy to read on the created labels and stickers with unique text, numbers, bar-codes, QR codes, and even graphics, that all corresponds to your database.

Variable Data Printing Blog

We are familiar with variable data being used in mailers and emails that we receive from companies. Individual information is entered for everyone who is sent your product, whether it is a direct mailer, an invitation, a letter, postcards, or even online with website landing pages and email. The database can be individualized with a variety of information about each person that will receive your product. This individualization includes names, addresses, gender, images, interests, purchase history, and recommended future products based on these factors.

Variable data printing is very commonly used, and critically important for most industries these days. The law enforcing departments need the smooth working and transactions of goods done on paper records for fast movement saving time, man power and easy transactions made at every level with accuracy of information reaching the end user. These items can be reverse tracked to the base company with all the details and information required to back track the source.

Medical industries use variable data printing labels for identifying a significant number of products, often with bar-codes, serial numbers, QR codes and these variable information needs to be accurate always. With every label having the capacity to be unique, the medical and scientific fields have endless options. These days you do not need to write out every label by hand, which would lead to mislabeling and inaccuracy with errors.

In industries where information does not need to be as meticulously kept, variable data printed labels are a great tool. When hosting a large conference with hundreds of people attending. It would be professional to mark each individual name in the form of a sticker and have them walk around with the possibly of legible badges. Variable data printed labels provide you with clean and legible information displayed for everyone to wear at the conference. You can include individual names, company or organization that they represent, and a graphic or logo for the conference. This is impressive for all the guests and keep everything organized, and easy to read when introducing a participant at the sow or event.

Common use of variable data printed labels are continuous numbered stickers, sequential numbering, random numbered stickers and consecutive numbered labels. No matter what you are using these labels for having an identical label with a unique number or qualifier of some sort will keep everything you are labeling track recorded and organized.

At Multicolor Labels we offer a variety of different labels and stickers that can be made using variable data printing. We can print various art and pieces of data on your labels, and even have the capability to perform complex CNC cut-outs. There is a wide number of options available, including clear labels with variable data printed in white ink. With our low minimums, there is no commitment to huge quantities at a time. We are proud to be your one-stop shop for your variable data printing needs. Contact us today, and we will help you get started! We ship across North America, including California, Ontario, New York, Washington and more. 


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