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Many industries need labels that can withstand high temperatures. Electronic, aerospace and automotive sectors rely on labels that can hold up against temperatures that regular labels would be unable to endure. It is crucial to have properly labelled equipment, which remains legible and in place after it is exposed to high temperatures.

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Heat Resistant Stickers are often made out of Polyimide, which is a film that is popular due to its resistance to high temperature as well as its flexibility. It is thermally stable so that when it is exposed to high heat, the information printed on the label will not become altered. These labels are also able to withstand solvents used for cleaning parts and other extreme elements of the manufacturing process due to the fact they are very often used in a manufacturing and industrial environment.

There are different types of heat proof labels that stand up to varying levels of heat. Some labels can withstand temperatures that reach -40℃ and as high as 150℃ or 260℃. Other labels can withstand temperatures a low as -25℃ all the way up to 450℃. Depending on the unique needs that a customer has, different labels are recommended for their application, as some only withstand high heat for smaller durations while others are permanently heat proof stickers for longer durations.

Labels that resist high heat, but not extremely high temperature, can be applied manually without the assistance of a machine. Higher heat resistant labels need to be applied to a surface with nails, bolts, clips, or through welding. They can also be applied using specialized machines.

One of the most important parts of these high temperature labels is that they not only withstand heat and extreme weather conditions, but they can also stand up to chemicals that often are the cause of high temperatures or part of a necessary process in manufacturing that also involves high heat. Without chemical resistance, on top of being heatproof, most heat proof labels would be unable to perform their jobs correctly.

One of the most common uses for heatproof custom labels is industrial stickers. This is because parts need to be labelled and identified at the beginning of processing and still be labelled by the time they have finished processing. This is why self-adhesive high temperature stickers that can only withstand high heat for a short period of time are a great solution. They are less expensive than other permanent options but can make it through the production process without breaking down or deteriortating. They are the perfect choice for industrial settings and manufacturers.

Getting the right product for your business needs is critical to your business's success. If you process any products in high heat or high temperature environments or need self-adhesive labels that will last post-production, then you need to consider Heat Resistant Stickers, as they are a great solution. Multicolor Labels offers sticker printing of high heat resistant labels that will provide for all of your business needs. Contact us today and we will take you through the process and help you design the labels that you need before manufacturing a superior product custom to your needs. We ship across the USA and Canada including Toronto, New York, Texas, California and Chicago.


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