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How Weatherproof Labels help in Tough Work Environments

Heavy duty specialty labels are required to withstand the temperatures that many businesses require for hot and cold working environments. Cold adhesive stickers and hot adhesive labels are two types of custom labels that are made especially for industries where the temperature is a key factor. Proper selection of labels is a must, no matter what temperature you are working in, or that your parts undergo. Having durable cold and heat proof labels with the right selection of material is extremely necessary.

These elevated temperature and cold temperature labels are strictly meant for hot temperatures or cold atmosphere. But some labels are made to withstand both higher heat and cold temperatures simultaneously. These labels are also weatherproof, as they are exposed to extreme temperatures for outdoors.

Cold Proof Weather Proof Labels

Weatherproof Hot/Cold Labels

There are many environments outdoors that are tough to work in, and where heat proof and weatherproof labels are a must. One vital industry is transportation. Whether cars, trucks, trains, boats, or aerospace industry, and no matter it be for transporting goods or people, these various vehicles will have diverse types of labelling needs. All these modes of transportation are exposed to the elements of rain, snow, sleet, wind and anything else you can imagine. They also are exposed to extreme heat in the summer and frigid temperatures in the winter, which is magnified because metal conducts heat. In these industries, you need labels that can withstand both hot and cold environments.

Cold Proof Labels

When you are dealing with specifically cold adhesive labels, you need a label that can work well at normal room temperature and at frigid temperatures. The substrate, adhesive, and inks used in the label need to remain stable in extremely cold environments, and the adhesive needs to be able to stay where it is instead of detaching. These types of labels are often used in food packaging facilities, storage facilities, warehouses, and laboratories. Often these types of labels are made from special grades of plastics so that when temperatures rise and fall, the label itself does not degrade.

Heat Proof Labels

Hot adhesive labels are the opposite of cold adhesive labels and their substrates, adhesives, and inks are all comprised of materials that allow them to withstand extremely hot temperatures. Some industries that need to use them include electronics, tinning, gilding, automotive, and heavy machinery manufacturing industries. Anywhere where there is frictional heat or combustion heat, or the heat produced during the machinery working, then these need to have heat resistant labels so that they do not peel off with the heat of the processes they are undergoing.

High Temperature Label


These labels, no matter the industry, can include information such as storage instructions, variable information, sequential information, barcodes, product technical data, warning instructions, safety precautions, and other instruction requirements of the product.

If you are in the market for labels that can withstand hot and cold environments, especially ones outdoors where the weather affects them, then you need to contact our team at Multicolor Labels. We ship across North America including Toronto, New York, California and Colorado. We have a wide variety of custom labels that will get the job done right for your labelling needs.


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