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4 Important Factors to Consider Before Ordering Custom Printed Sticker Labels

Labelling things appropriately keeps everyone safe and follows guidelines set by industry and government policy regulations for foods, chemicals, beverages, equipment, electronic devices and automotive. Labels help identify dangerous chemicals, hazardous machinery, and even help track items for supply chain and Just-in-Time needs. Products and materials need to be labelled correctly, and those labels need to withstand extreme weather conditions and harsh environments.

Cold Weather Stickers Los Angeles

Labels outside may fade, peel because of wet conditions, become un-scannable/unreadable, or fall off. All these situations can lead to errors, and safety concerns due to the wrong usage or inappropriate disposal. Outdoor labels such as window stickers are highly durable, heat resistant to hot temperatures making them smudge proof and fadeproof.

When creating an outdoor sticker and label, many things need to be taken into consideration that can affect its usefulness. Environmental factors do vary depending on the physical locale they are used in. Considering, that many sticker labels will be put on items that are moved cross-country or even around the globe, they need to be weatherproof and waterproof.

Outdoor Conditions

One of the first things that need to be considered with an outdoor label is the length of time the label will be outdoors. If the label is going on an automotive or transit vehicles that is will be moving around outdoors for very long, extended times in dark hours at various temperatures and in harsh weather conditions then reflective labels are best choice for your application. Also, if the stickers are being applied on outdoor machinery or a forklift that operate outdoors during the day time, industrial labels are perfect as these are long lasting and will not fall apart.

Hot and Cold Temperatures

Temperature is another significant factor that outdoor labels are going to be facing. The label itself needs to be able to stand up to extreme heat and cold depending on application, and if the label is being stuck to something metal. Caution! this is even more important as metal conducts heat and is far more conductive than air. At hot temperatures. heat resistant stickers and specialty adhesives are required.

Color Protection & Fadeproof

Digital printed full color labels can fade over time if it is left outside in the sun. To keep color labels from fading, they need to be printed with specialty inks and lamination to protect them from fading. All printed stickers and labels need to be coated for color protection, anti-fading, scratch resistance and physical deterioration.

Curvy Irregular Rough Surfaces

While an issue both indoors and outdoors, applying labels to curved surfaces is even more difficult outdoors due to the weather, temperature fluctuation, and the heat of the sun affecting the label application. If your application is to label a chemical drum, solar panel or pipelines for instance, a heat resistant weatherproof labels can stand up to all these challenges. Select labels that are specifically made for this kind of application for caution and safety, ensuring that dangerous chemicals are not mislabeled or unidentifiable and follow government regulations.

Weatherproof labels and waterproof sticker decals are mandatory for any label that is going outside. At Multicolor Labels, we have a variety of high durable labels that withstand whatever environmental factor affecting them. We ship our labels across North America including Toronto, California, New York, Texas, Michigan, Alaska, and Colorado. Contact us today, and to find the best printed label stickers for your versatile applications.


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