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5 Specific Advantages of Self-Adhesive Vinyl Stickers

5 specific advantages of self-adhesive vinyl stickers

Most of us are well-acquainted with the purposes of sticky self-adhesive stickers and labels. These highly versatile labels are used to organize tools and equipment in industrial environments, hospitals, automotive and transit systems. Self-Adhesive Vinyl Stickers are an advanced variation of sticky labels that have benefits of being smudge proof, waterproof, and weatherproof.

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Synthetic labels are made from materials such as polyethylene, vinyl, polyolefin, and polyester. All these materials are prominent human-made components that are manufactured in cost-effective ways. The labels and decals offer a significant edge in resilience and longevity.

Listed below are 5 specific advantages of self-adhesive vinyl stickers and synthetic labels.


Shipment of valuable items ranging from heavy machinery to expensive tools and electronics often entails mobilizing through varying storage facilities. Paper labels are low durability and get easily destroyed because they get wet, mushy and deteriorate. Paper labels in the past have failed to be reliable sources of marking, tracking in the supply chain since they are at a constant risk of wear and tear.

Synthetic vinyl stickers and labels, however are sturdy and are manufactured to withstand harsh weather and chemical resistant making them reliable for long term use on equipment, panels, engines, hoods, door, tools, electronics and computer devices. They can also be wiped clean and reused making them scratch resistant and smudge proof. These custom printed labels offer more security and safety than its weaker antique predecessor; paper sticker labels.


The marine industry has experienced the need for waterproof labels for numerous years to track assets and equipment in marine conditions. Similarly, the aerospace and automotive industries need Synthetic labels which can be used at various temperatures. Self-Adhesive Vinyl Stickers resolve this issue since they are made of waterproof materials and are weatherproof.

To apply Self-Adhesive Vinyl Stickers, just wipe the surface clean from grime, dust and moisture. Easily apply the sticker label from one end to the other, while applying pressure to remove any bubbles.


Paper labels eliminated the possibility of transparent labeling sources for translucent and pre-printed surfaces. Synthetic Vinyl Sticker materials can create clear labels that allow us to add additional information without hindering upon the pre-existing patterns, such as in special product packaging and specialty labels.

White Ink Printing process allows to print in white color on clear and translucent surfaces that help clear labels standout. Care of clear labels is required during the application process to avoid getting dust and air bubbles trapped underneath which may hinder with the transparency.


Security labels and warranty stickers are printed on self-adhesive materials to reveal traces of tampering, making them tamper evident and tamper proof. Printed Security Stickers and Void labels are used to secure and protect expensive items from interference, manual-hacking, and theft. These varying types of labels include tamper evident labels and destructible labels that are formed of tiny vinyl pieces and cannot get entirely removed. On the other hand, silver void stickers and warranty void labels leave behind the word “VOID” once removed.

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