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It is easy for drivers to forget about the dates for oil changes or servicing. Static window stickers serve well to inform them about the next oil change and service reminders. They are relatively small stickers that can be placed easily on the windshield of the vehicle with adhesive and removed as easily to be replaced by the next one.

Multiple Benefits of Oil Change Stickers

The static window stickers are useful marketing tools for the service providing companies too. The companies add their logo and caption to advertise their services to prospective customers who view the stickers, even as they remind their existing clients of timely maintenance. For drivers, it is the best way to look after their vehicle.

Oil change labels cost little, but they need to be of high-quality so they stay in place through all kinds of adverse weather and wind conditions until they are replaced. The labels are available in many different varieties to choose the best effect for the company. It is important to print the message clearly so the company’s marketing information is visible and legible. It is also equally important to choose the material with care to ensure they stay in place.

At Multicolor Labels, our oil change stickers are made of premium plastic so they require no maintenance and easy to transport without damage. We help companies stand out from the competition and be easily identified by customers through vibrant templates, colours, design and print, made to customized specifications. We also add the company’s logo at no extra cost, and provide fast, free shipping for all bulk orders.

Call Multicolor Labels or contact us online for oil change stickers that go the extra mile. We ship across to USA and Canada including Toronto, California, New York, Florida, Texas, Michigan, Alaska, Hawaii, and Colorado.

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