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Vehicles are made up of multiple mechanical components that operate under various temperatures and forces. Automotive labels play a vital role in protecting these complex parts by displaying accurate information about their maintenance, use and safety.

Over the years, Multicolor Labels has strived to generate practical solutions for the transportation industry and assist proprietors in safely allocating their resources. All types of businesses can now benefit from our custom exterior and interior automotive labels. These useful tools are created to resist heat in engine compartments, varying weather conditions in the outer areas of vehicles, and liquids such as washer fluid, oil, and grease.

To guide business owners further, we have briefly listed competitive qualities of our highly durable and informative automotive labels.

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Custom Automotive stickers and vehicle safety decals by Multicolor Labels conveniently adhere to the components situated under-the-hood, in the interior and exterior of vehicles. The engine can be secured by informational labels that reveal specific instructions, warning, and classifications.

Automotive Data Labels: Reveals manufacturing information and tracking data of varying parts.

Automotive Instruction Labels: List the correct ways of handling, operating and utilizing components of the vehicle.

Vehicle Warning Stickers: Displays potential threats that handling and usage of the part may pose to the operator, along with the cautionary measures that may be taken to ensure maximum safety.

Labels in the interior of the vehicles can track varying parts and electronics, while also alerting the operators about potential warnings. Meanwhile, labels on the exteriors can adhere to the fuel cap and tires.


Self-adhesive custom automotive stickers are designed to withstand heat and chemicals while maintaining an excellent adherence to rough areas and low surface energy plastics. Below is a list of significant attributes that the labels at Multicolor Labels foster.

Heat Activated Adhesive: Reliable instructional and classification labels are required to adhere to all surfaces on vehicles permanently. Automotive labels must be heat and UV resistant.

Heat activated adhesive labels perform effectively on uneven surfaces, such as seat belts. When applied with pressure and heat, the glue on the labels binds with the surface. The product is suitable for all types of surfaces and offers chemical, heat and UV resistance.

Tire Labels: High-quality specialty stickers and decals are required to suffice the rough and low surface energy material of tires. Lost labels may hinder upon correct handling and storage of tires before they reach the market and vehicles.

Customizable tire stickers by Multicolor Labels ensures useful thermal transfer printability that is highly compatible with rubber. The gum patterns on the labels keep the ink from bleeding.

Low-Surface Labels: The affordability, manageable weight, and great customizability of low-surface energy plastics are making them a leading material for household appliances, medical equipment, and the automotive industry.

Multicolor Labels have devised materials suitable for LSE such as lacquers and plastics. The labels can withstand high temperature and chemicals that are widely present in the automotive industry.  

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The in-house facility of Multicolor Labels uses state-of-the-art technology for rapid turnaround time for digitally produced custom product labels and custom numbered labels, in addition to other label stickers and decal products. Our experts are happy to assist you with all inquiries and provide free quotes on shipments to USA and Canada including Toronto, California, New York, Florida, Texas, Michigan, Alaska, Hawaii, and Colorado.

Contact Multicolor Labels for custom printed labels, stickers and decals of all types, sizes and shapes. Our labels are waterproof, all-weather resistant, smudge proof, and fade proof. We can also make them rub proof if required.

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