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Custom vehicle safety stickers are a critical component for vehicle safety. They are designed to remind drivers of important rules, regulations, company and safety policies with visually appealing content. The stickers are made to protect fleet vehicles, trucks and a wide variety of other service vehicles. A broad range of customized safety information is printed to engage and grab attention, displaying vibrant colours, images, company logo and important instructions clearly and concisely.

Vehicle safety labels are easy to apply and precisely cut to suit a variety of industry requirements. The premium material is designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and high speeds. Just pick the size and shape, then upload the custom design for your bulk order. But before that, make sure that the manufacturer is reliable to ensure that the labels are of the highest quality. Illegible safety stickers can lead drivers to potentially hazardous situations.

At Multicolor Labels, we assure premium safety labels and fast delivery. For any design assistance, simply call our experts. All our custom vehicle safety stickers are waterproof, smudge proof, fade proof and rub proof. They can be cut to any shape or size, from regular rectangle and square to circle, oval or any other desired shape. Our custom safety stickers are made of durable vinyl to last for years. Look at the range of vehicle safety stickers we offer:

How to Choose the Vehicle Safety Sticker Size?

There are a few things to keep in mind before finalizing the shape or size of vehicle safety stickers. It is important to consider what the sign is for and where it will be placed. Once that is finalized, the amount of information that needs to be displayed has to be weighed out. This includes the number of words, exact images and symbols. The message needs to be visible, legible and visually attractive.

For multiple messages, consider larger sizes. Large stickers carry more room to display multiple colours and symbols more clearly. Avoid displaying too much information on smaller sizes. It is crucial for safety messages to be read easily for drivers and passengers to steer clear of potentially hazardous situations well ahead of time. Test out the design on small cardboards to determine a safe viewing distance before placing design orders.

Bulk Orders, Fast Delivery

Our high-quality vehicle safety labels are cost-effective. We are equipped to deliver thousands of products the same day at rates that fit your budget. We employ the latest technology in quality industrial labels that come with a guarantee to last you for many years. For any help in design or services, we have a team of trained customer service representatives who can be accessed by just a click on our website or a quick call. We are happy to offer samples for proofing before order confirmation.

Multicolor Labels for Premium, Durable Vehicle Safety Stickers

Multicolor Labels delivers premium labels and safety stickers that add value to your fleet. From design concepts to delivery, we work diligently with our long list of customers to offer just the right solutions that come with a lasting guarantee. Call us for custom stickers that have the competitive edge. We ship across USA and Canada including Toronto, California, New York, Florida, Texas, Michigan, Alaska, Hawaii, and Colorado. We have the market expertise and resource network to make every safety sticker meet all consumer requirements.

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