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Application and Benefits of Serial Number Stickers

Serial number stickers that are applied on vehicles, heavy machinery, medical equipment and processed foods need to be tough to stay in good shape. They need to endure harsh cleaners, abrasion, scratches and rough weather conditions so the information is clearly visible. It is important for the sub-surface to be durable as well so the information lasts long. This is the reason why the sticker material needs to be weather-resistant and tamper-proof so that the colour, image and text remain untarnished.

At Multicolor Labels, we offer custom-designed and printed serial number stickers at cost-effective prices on rolls, in sheets, in pads or in fan-folded packs for a wide range of business applications.

Applications for Serial Number Stickers

Our custom serial number labels are designed to go the extra mile to deliver long-lasting results. We manufacture a large variety of stickers for diverse industries looking for premium solutions. See how are our labels empower businesses:

  • Accurate Asset Tracking: Stickers that contain a serial number with or without a barcode format allow accurate tracking of assets or stocks. These are suitable for software and barcode scanners for following and locating assets. Asset tracking allows the company to log maintenance services so a complete history of repair and warranty can be tracked, maintained and followed.
  • Track Information: It is important for barcode and QR code labels to be scanned properly. Serial number stickers containing barcodes and QR codes need to be of very high quality to function efficiently. They let you track assets for inventory, shipping, production, shelving and more. Our high-quality labels can be custom QR-coded to allow easy access to important information to companies and customers.
  • Regulatory Adherence: These are required on Products and equipment that need to adhere to strict regulations such as medical devices, instruments and heavy machinery need durable sticker labels too. Our scratch-proof, all weather-proof, high adhesive stickers are long-lasting to align with the application of these products.

Multicolor Labels: Premium Serial Number Tag Stickers and Barcode Labels

Multicolor Labels is equipped with versatile, state-of-the-art digital printing technology in-house to provide businesses with bulk orders of serial number stickers in a wide variety of styles. Choose from number tags, metal number tags, serial tags, serial labels, serial number barcode labels, serial number metal tags and custom serial number labels designed meet to exact specifications. All labels are abrasion and chemical resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Some of the high quality, durable materials we use in our labels are:

  • Polymetallic  
  • Reflective Vinyl
  • Clear Labels with White Ink Printing
  • Lexan® polycarbonate (UL® and CSA-approved construction)
  • Imprintable Mylar® polyester

Features and Finishes

Material options are available in many finishes for a variety of applications. Select from gloss, matte, metallic, reflective, fluorescent, static cling, removable vinyl, permanent vinyl, clear vinyl and more.

Multicolor also offers destructible labels, peel tabs that can be applied with ease, can be customized to have serialized numbers or variable data. Each of these can be produced at medium to high volumes on rolls and sheets using multiple colors to help the information stand out against the label attractively.

Our sticker labels are well suited for a number of industries, some of which are listed below:

  • Healthcare and Pharmacies
  • Aviation and Automotive
  • Telecommunication and Information Technology
  • The Security Sector
  • Industrial Equipment, Appliances and Tools
  • Global logistics and Shipping freight

Call us for free quotes. We ship our custom stickers throughout the USA and Canada including Toronto, California, New York, Florida, Texas, Michigan, Alaska, Hawaii, and Colorado. For more information on serial number labels or quick, express orders our print experts are happy to assist you.


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