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Whether you’re a small business or a large conglomerate, adding tamper-proof security labels to your products increases overall security surrounding your entire inventory. Custom security labels leave behind residue with any unauthorized removal attempt, no matter the type of label used. This provides protection against false or duplicate labels, product tampering and more. Security labels are commonly used in many industries such as automobile, aerospace, marine, IT (servers, computers, modem routers, POS, etc), engineering, manufacturing, tools/devices, electronics, and construction. There are three main types of tamper-proof labels you should consider if you’re a business owner of an industry mentioned above: Destructible, Checkered and Void.

Destructible Decals

The perfect label to detect whether or not a product has been tampered with, destructible security decals as easy to apply to any product you wish. If someone tries to remove the security decal, they’ll find it to be a very lengthy task. Upon removal, the sticker fragments, breaking up into smaller portions to be removed individually. These decals are ideal for declaring property ownership, to protect against counterfeit products or equipment and as an anti-theft system.

Checkered Labels

Not as difficult to remove as destructible security sticks, however, they’re no less annoying. Checkered security labels leave behind a checkered pattern on the product’s surface when removed. While this isn’t a problem after purchase, it’s an indication to other customers that something has been removed from the food or medical product and shouldn’t be purchased. This is usually used to seal makeup and hygiene products.

Void Labels

As the name may suggest, void tamper-proof stickers leave behind the word ‘void’ across the surface upon removal. If the security label is removed, then any services that come with the product are nullified. This is best used for products that are under warranties. The label is removed upon the use of said warranty, preventing you from being able to come back and claim your product is still covered.

A lot of time and effort has gone into creating your business from the ground up. Blood, sweat and probably a few tears. Be sure to secure your investment and keep your customers safe by looking into stocking your products with tamper-proof security decals. This way, there’s no confusion regarding whether or not something has been tinkered with.

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