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You want to protect your products and ensure that every product you have out on the market is the product that you manufactured. Keeping people from tampering with products internal mechanisms, being able to track products, and offering your clients visible protection against theft are all critical to manufacturers and business people. Here is how manufacturers who use tamper proof labels can help your business succeed.

Ensure Nothing is Tampered With

You want to trust your employees, but you do need some insurance that the equipment you provide them with to do their jobs is kept in good working order. Security labels are a great way to ensure this. You can purchase security labels that you place over computer openings or screws so that if they go into the computer without permission, then you will know. If a void sticker is removed, then it leaves either a sticky residue or a message (such as void or a logo) to let you know that it has been removed. You also cannot smooth back out a void sticker or reattach it, and they cannot be replaced as they are numbered.

Track Assigned Products

If your business uses laptops, which many businesses do, then they are not tethered to a desk and employees will be bringing them back and forth from work and home. Sales reps and anyone who works in the field will also be taking laptops to clients and sites. Warranty stickers all have a warranty number on them that identifies each laptop individually so that you can make sure everyone has the correct laptop. It also will keep disputes from happening if everyone has the same model.

Try to Stop Theft

You cannot always stop every theft, but you can deter someone from choosing your company laptop over someone else’s. Security stickers that have your company name on them, and that leave a logo or mark when the sticker is removed, are a significant deterrent for thieves. They would rather move onto the next target that is not protected rather than take their chances with your company’s property.

Multicolor Labels Security Labels

Our security and void labels are high quality and can come with tacky or “no tack” voids. If the substrate that you are putting the label onto needs to remain free of residue we highly recommend the “no tack” option over the standard one which will attract dust and dirt. Our labels are high quality and durable, so they will not come off unless someone tries to remove them. The labels come in a variety of colours, including fluorescents, and many of them are reactive under UV lights for added security. No matter your need, we have you covered at Multicolor Labels.

Multicolor Labels Has All Your Labelling Needs

No matter if you need void labels, security labels, reflective stickers, caution labels, or specialty custom labels, we have what you need at Multicolor Labels. We specialize and work with companies who are in the automobile, aerospace, marine, IT (servers, computers, modem routers, POS, etc), engineering, manufacturing, tools/devices, electronics, and construction industries. If you are located in Canada or the US (New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, California, etc) and you have any need for any kind of label or stickers, then contact us today, and we will help you design and create the perfect labels for you.

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