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Clear stickers are easy to get a great view on ‘Glassdoor’ for your business. No matter how many times you adjust, rotate or change the white vinyl sticker on your door, something always seems amiss.

If you are a business owner, car owner or just a glass door owner who wants to convey a clear, concise and colorful message without the mess and attached woes of a sticker coming off, graphics fading away and bad quality glue, we have you covered. Clear stickers are a great way to highlight your product on a glass or any kind of transparent display. They allow great visual aid to get your product across and not compromise on the style. Here are our top reasons why you need to change your boring window displays right away with clear stickers. Keep reading!


  1. Let’s face it. If your product or logo is white, it is going to be camouflaged in an ordinary white background sticker. White ink looks vibrant on clear vinyl.
  2. Clear stickers are highly customizable. Be it shape, color, size or multiple shades of the same color, clear stickers give you immense flexibility in design and lets you be more creative.
  3. Since clear stickers are transparent, they make the best glass displays for window facing businesses. If you want to announce your seasonal sales and let a passerby get a glimpse of your business through the glass, clear sticker is the way to go.
  4. Clear stickers can show off your design in the best way with minimal obstruction of whatever is behind it.
  5. Window facing businesses can also customize clear stickers with business logos, WiFi passwords, or any information that you may want your potential clients to know.
  6. Custom stickers with clear backgrounds make a great way for branding your product without blocking a buyer’s experience.
  7. The above point brings us to another great advantage of clear stickers. Clear stickers can be used to indicate ingredients and labels on jars, bottles and especially products that people would ideally want to see and buy in transparent packaging.
  8. Clear stickers have a dual advantage in terms of display. They can be printed on both sides and in any size and shape. Just let Multicolor labels know which side to add the adhesive and you are good to go for opaque or transparent surfaces.
  9. Clear stickers bought from reputed sticker and label businesses are great on the quality of adhesive. They can be removable and can be removed easily without a messy residue. After all, no one likes to clean chipped off bits of a sticker.
  10. Clear stickers have great usability for car windows too. Ever seen a customized ‘Baby on board’ sticker?


With so many advantages, you can hardly go wrong with them. Even though clear stickers are a great option, their only limitation is finding a good and reliable clear sticker business. We at Multicolor Labels make sure that our clients get the best quality adhesive, color printing and a wide variety of customization on size and shape of the stickers.


At Multicolor Labels we help our clients to experience the best label solutions through their creative, customized and high-quality label printing operations. We have a wide range of label and sticker customizing and printing options to suit various industries like automotive, aerospace, marine, IT, engineering, manufacturing, tools/devices, electronics, construction and other technology/engineering-based industries at great prices.

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