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Importance of Clear Sticker with White Ink Printing

Posted on November 20, 2018

Clear stickers and labels serve a vast array of purposes and applications in the automotive, aerospace, marine, IT, engineering, manufacturing, electronics, and construction industries. Be it describing the specifications of a product, branding or simply providing information for a buyer, they form an important element in creating a first impact or impression. While both stickers and labels are printed on vinyl, polyester or polypropylene material and serve identical purposes, there are few subtle differences that make their application slightly different.

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Generally, clear labels can be used to label any kind of product. They are oil and water resistant, which make them much more sustainable than regular paper-based labels. Clear labels are mostly used on products that may need water or oil resistant properties. Though clear stickers serve the same kind of purpose, they have a slightly versatile application. For instance, clear stickers can be UV laminated. Thus, their application can also be extended to outdoor packaging. In fact, clear stickers with UV laminate serve a great purpose as outdoor product stickers or vehicle stickers. Optionally, clear stickers can also be printed with front face adhesive to be used as window stickers and basically work with any transparent surfaces. While most clear labels are see-through, occasionally a layer of white ink may be applied behind the clear label design, thus adding an element of design, increasing opacity and making the existing graphics more visually appealing. Both stickers and labels are available in several finishes like glossy, matte, clear, white ink base etc.

Apart from slight differences in application, clear labels and stickers can also be distinguished based on their finishing. While clear labels are finished on a roll, it is important to consider the orientation of the design, customization on graphics depending on specific customer needs. Clear labels work best in indoor settings like warehouses, storage units etc., clear labels are usually printed with CMYK printing which helps to give a clear visibility on colors, design and even text. Labels can be customized to suit the shape of the product. As labels are roll finished, manual application is easy.

Stickers are also available in a variety of options to choose from. Some of them include die-cut stickers, kiss cut stickers, clear stickers, silkscreen stickers. Die cut stickers are easy to apply, cut without visible backing, easy to peel and thus most sorted after for simple sticker needs. Kiss cut stickers are a great alternative to custom product labels. Clear stickers work best for car windows. They can be combined with a white ink layer as a plain or designed layer to amplify their appeal. Silkscreen stickers are one of the best choices if you are looking for durability, transit advertising and billboards.

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No matter if you need void labels, security labels, reflective stickers, caution labels, clear variable data stickers, or specialty custom labels, we have the capability at Multicolor Labels. We specialize and work with companies in the automobile, aerospace, marine, IT (servers, computers, modem routers, POS, etc.), engineering, manufacturing, tools, devices and equipment, electronics, and construction industries. If you are in Canada or the US (New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, California etc.) whatever be the need for custom label stickers, contact us today, and we can help you design and create the perfect custom labels with white ink printing.

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