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VOID security labels are designed to indicate whether an item has been tampered with. They are strategically placed on the part of the item that needs to be accessed to be used. There is a visual indication when an item with a void security sticker has been tampered with. These labels are made of several layers with various coatings and laminates. When there is an attempt to use the product, the void label will have some or all of the adhesive layer separated from the rest of the label.

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There are three different types of void labels:


Total transfer – These have an additional layer of special coating between the adhesive and face material. This coating, which will usually have the word void printed on it, peels off when it has been tampered with. All that remains is the adhesive to show that the label has been removed.


Non-transfer – With this label, the word ‘void’ is printed on the back of the face material or an additional layer with a special coating. The bottom layer is revealed when the label has been removed.


Partial transfer – This is the most common type of void label. It uses a patterned coating with the word void written on the label and the item the label is placed on. Some may use a pattern release coating between an extra layer of special coating and the face material, or a pattern release adhesive. Either way, the bottom layer becomes split between the surface of the label and the item when the label is removed. The layer that remains will usually say void, and it will also be written on the label itself where adhesive is now removed.


Void labels improve the security of high-end and valuable items in several ways. Its mere presence deters theft and easily indicates if there has been any attempt to tamper with the item. If it is not possible to label the item directly because it would be inappropriate or undesirable to do so, void security labels can be used to seal the packaging of the item. Doing so deters people from opening the packaging and reveals when it has been opened.


These security labels can also be used as a warranty seal. When the label is damaged or broke, the warranty becomes void. It proves that an item could have been damaged, mishandled, or misused. Tamper-proof stickers can also be applied to valuable containers, confidential information, or indicate safety precautions. That is why these labels are used widely in the banking, logistics, and IT industries.


At Multicolor Labels, we can provide your company with high-quality void security labels to ensure your products are handled with care and reach their final destination accordingly. Your clients can feel assured that the products they receive from you have maintained its integrity throughout its journey. Our security labels can be customized with several print features such as barcodes, numbering, and logos to prevent counterfeiting. We have a wide range of security labels that come in various sizes and quantities. Call us today to get a customized quote and get more information.

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