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What are tamper evident and security labels?

If you have ever purchased a can of motor oil which a caution label that indicates ‘do not buy if the seal is broken’ you are essentially looking at the simplest form of a tamper evident and security label.

Tamper evident and security labels serve an extremely important purpose for a vast array of industries right from the automotive industry, medical and even natural gas & oil industries. Every product is likely to go through a series of processes before it actually reaches the end customer. These processes involve several factors like individuals, machinery, transit stations, logistics, varying climatic conditions, etc. As a manufacturer, it is imperative that your product reaches the end customer or industry in a safe and consumable/usable condition.

Tamper evident labels help to give a clear indication if any label removal, seal removal or re-closure has been performed. There are different ways in which these tamper evident labels can be designed as per your product. For instance, if you are a medical supplies company, you can simply choose a label that acts as a seal for a sterilized piece of surgical equipment and ask your label provider to design it with a suitable adhesive and warning message.

Generally, tamper evident labels depend on the kind of substrate and comprise of regular paper with a permanent, but safe adhesive. Products that may be flammable or unsafe if tampered with will contain a more severe kind of tamper evident label. For instance, an ultra destructible vinyl film is a matte white film that fractures easily upon a removal attempt, indicating tampering.

Types of tamper evident and security labels

Tamper evident labels are available in various options:

Void if removed labels

Usually, the void stickers will leave the word ‘Void’ printed behind the sticker which will be visible only when the sticker is peeled off. Many products or packaging have such stickers which cannot be re-stuck, guaranteeing tamper evidence. If you are an electronics manufacturer, this kind of label can help you to tie warranty coverage to specific components of your product.

Security labels

Security labels de-laminate when peeled. Sometimes part of the label may remain stuck to the base and another half can be peeled, indicating tampering.

Ultra destructible security labels

For sensitive equipment, these kinds of labels are used to prevent any form of usage or tampering. In fact, most of these labels will result in complete breaking of the label or seal with even slight attempt of tampering.

Holographic labels

Holographic labels are the go-to labels for indicating authenticity and seal of a product. They are usually created by transferring an ultra-thin layer of label security image onto a frangible security paper. This image is juxtaposed on a permanent adhesive that sets quickly to any surface where the hologram is applied. Once it is set, the label is destroyed if removal is attempted.

There are a variety of options to choose from for a tamper evident security label. It is imperative to note that tamper evident labels serve an incredibly important function of not only safeguarding your products but also protecting your company’s and customer’s interests alike. If you have not yet considered tamper evident labels, it may be time to invest in them.

If you are not sure what kind would suit your product or want a customized label or style, experts such as ‘Multicolor Labels’ can provide you with a customized idea for your product. With proven expertise, knowledge and in-depth experience in providing label options to a variety of industries, our team is adept to understand your requirements and suggest the best options.

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