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We understand that automobile manufacturers need a variety of labels that can warn, inform or direct the usage of automobile components. One thing that differentiates run of the mill labels from labels used on automotive products and parts is the need for automotive labels to possess superior material and adhesive, to sustain in the tough environmental conditions.

Commonly, automotive labels are seen on fuel filler caps, door pillars, dashboards, engines, and fenders, among other spots. Naturally, they are constantly exposed to oil, lubricants, grease and varying temperatures. It is imperative that they are made with a distinct and tough material as compared to other generic labels. That doesn’t mean that automotive labels have to be bland and boring. In fact, they can be used much more efficiently than any other type of label given their tenacity and can have versatile applications as follows:

Labeling components

Have you ever opened your car’s hood and gone crazy with the amount of interlinked mechanisms that you can see? It can be intimidating to know even some basic components of a car engine. Thanks to automotive labels, they can be easily indicated. This information help technicians, mechanics and even some laymen to navigate easily through the engine, in the event of a breakdown. Automotive labels are perfect for identification, dating and other information.


Owing to the tamper proof and tenacious nature of automotive security labels, you will find that they can be applied on any surface inside and outside the automobile, making them suitable for all weather and conditions. They serve as an excellent safety accessory as labels placed on heated car surfaces can easily indicate warnings and burning hazards, saving you from potential burns. Moreover, labels can also indicate ‘not to tamper’ parts which helps in ensuring added precaution when working with sensitive car parts.

Theft prevention

Vehicles utilize a variety of labels; whether it is indicating the VIN, a certification or a service label, also tamper proof automotive security labels help in tracking of stolen vehicles. Since cars can be traced back to the original owner based on their VIN, automotive labels serve as a great theft prevention measure.

Quality Assurance and industry compliance

It is no secret that counterfeited parts is one of the biggest challenges of the automobile industry. Security labels that are specific to manufacturers make it easy to spot counterfeit engine and mechanical parts.

At Multicolor Labels, we understand how imperative labels are for automotive products and parts. Keeping this in mind, we offer the most comprehensive and high-quality assortment of stickers and decals to fulfill all kinds of automotive label requirements. Whether you need high performance adhesive, tamper proof labels or labels in compliance with industry standards, we have you covered. Our state-of-the-art laser printing technology is an assurance of quality and durability.

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