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Security Stickers and Variable Inventory Stickers

Posted on January 25, 2019

Inventory management can be a particularly tricky area for manufacturers and distributors of industrial products and parts. After all, keeping track of the bearings, electrodes or other tiniest and largest industry spares can be a herculean task. To add to this challenge, most industrial distributors and manufacturers have to maintain an account of their inventory for multiple locations, for multiple clients or for multiple branches.

Whether you are looking to identify different industrial products or parts, or the same category of products with small variations, the use of security and variable stickers can bring in the much-needed ease and visibility to your job. There are many applications that traditional security and variable stickers can have for your business. Asset labels are imperative to exercise control and manage your inventory in the best possible way. Here’s how:

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Data and record management

We have evolved with sophisticated software systems that make inventory management a cakewalk. But let’s face it, nothing beats the clarity and visibility that stickers offer. Knowing how many units of a particular spare you have in your inventory just by looking at it is invaluable, especially when you don’t have to hassle yourself with logging on to your inventory management software and keying exhaustive details to get a report. Variable data stickers and labels can make a task, like counting your inventory, quite simple. Moreover, data labels can include a variety of information such as spare part particulars, date of manufacturing, expiry if applicable for oil or lubricants or other compatible parts, among other things.

Business support

Have you ever had to move a bulk of industrial products or parts in one shot? A barcoded data label is your best friend. Simply scanning the barcodes while moving your boxes can give you a drill down detail on the entire turnover of your inventory.


Industrial products and parts can be labelled using a variety of security stickers. These are tamper proof and have a strong resistance to extreme temperatures and handling environments. Such long-lasting and robust stickers can be a boon to industry manufacturers as they stand to prevent theft or sabotage. Since these stickers cannot be tampered with, stolen inventory gets relatively easier to track. They function as additional security for your inventory. Consider using foil asset labels for the best result. They are highly durable and can withstand extreme conditions. Other options, such as tamper evident labels and destructive asset labels, can be extremely useful to indicate possible tampering, sabotage or theft attempt.

Industry compliance and quality assurance

B2B environments can get quite competitive. Losing a client over quality or an industry compliance issue is something no business can afford. You may already be a sustainable, industry compliant and quality assured facility, but customized security stickers and labels help the client to convey information pertaining to these facets in a lucid form.

At Multicolor Labels, we understand that our industry partners have distinct applications for security labels and variable stickers. Bearing that in mind, our team of experts offer customized label and sticker solutions for your business. Whether you are a manufacturing unit, a warehouse, retail or even a private institute, such as a school or college, we assist you to manage your assets and lead a sustainable business model through our high-quality, environment-friendly labels and stickers.

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