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Label Like a Pro: tips and trick of Mastering the Art of Flawless Label Application

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A well-designed label is only half the battle. Flawless application ensures a professional look, protects the label’s integrity, and maximizes its effectiveness. Here at Multicolor Labels, we understand the frustration of misapplied labels. But fear not! With these expert tips and tricks, you’ll be applying labels like a pro in no time.

Preparation is Key:

  • Clean and Dry Surface: Ensure the application area is free of dust, dirt, oil, or moisture. A clean surface guarantees optimal adhesion and prevents peeling.
  • Room Temperature Labels: For optimal performance, allow labels to reach room temperature before application. This prevents curling and ensures smooth application.

The Art of Application:

  • Steady Does It: Hold the container you’re labeling with one hand to ensure stability. Use your other hand to apply the label.
  • Start Straight, Peel Slowly: Begin by aligning the label straight with the desired placement area. Slowly peel the label away from the backing paper, keeping it as flat as possible.
  • Squeegee Away the Bubbles: Once the label is partially applied, use a squeegee tool (a credit card works too!) to gently smooth out any air bubbles trapped underneath. Start from the center and work outwards towards the edges.
  • Press with Precision: Once the label is positioned and bubble-free, firmly press down on the entire surface to ensure proper adhesion.

Pro Tips for Perfect Application:

  • Curved Surfaces: For curved surfaces, apply the label in small sections, smoothing it out as you go. Heat guns can be helpful for gently warming the label to conform to the curve without damaging it (use caution and follow specific instructions for heat gun use).
  • Delicate Surfaces: For delicate surfaces, consider using labels with a removable adhesive to avoid damaging the product upon removal.
  • Test a Sample: If you’re unsure about the label material or adhesive strength, always test a sample on a non-conspicuous area first.

Multicolor Labels: Your Partner in Flawless Application

At Multicolor Labels, we not only provide high-quality labels but also offer expert advice on application. We recommend:

  • Choosing the Right Material: Our team can help you select the ideal label material with the appropriate adhesive strength for your specific application needs.
  • Custom Label Solutions: We offer a variety of label shapes and sizes to perfectly fit your product, minimizing the chances of misalignment or crooked application.
  • Application Instructions: We provide clear and concise application instructions with every label order, ensuring a smooth and successful labeling experience.

Goodbye, Crooked Labels! Hello, Flawless Application!

By following these tips and tricks, along with the right label materials and expert guidance from Multicolor Labels, you can achieve flawless label application every single time. Your products will look their best, and your labels will effectively communicate your message with clarity and impact.

Contact Multicolor Labels today and let’s ensure your labels go on flawlessly, every time!

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