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About Piggyback Labels

Posted on February 25, 2019

Piggyback labels are labels that are attached to another label using an adhesive and move together – as double-layered labels. We aren’t referring to two labels that are stacked on each other like a cash receipt. A piggy bank label is essentially a 2-ply design which has a top label (which has a print) with a layer of adhesive and liner, and then a bottom layer that is also comprised of an adhesive and liner. The concept is that the bottom layer holds the top label which can be peeled off.

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Piggyback labels can be printed as a single label or can have multiple smaller labels based on a single bottom label. When the top and bottom layer are of the same size, they can be easily cut together by using a single die to cut the same size label through all layers. As this technique can be adopted using existing tools, you may be able to get a variety of size options for your piggyback label. Alternatively, you can decide to have several smaller top layers piggybacked on a large single bottom layer. Two advantages to this design are the ease of peeling the top layer and the flexibility to place multiple stickers, which can be quite useful for labelling in a multi-tier business process. Additionally, you can leave segments of the printed labels behind as permanent reference.

You may be wondering what kind of applications piggyback labels have. Surprisingly many! Piggyback labels have a wide scope of applications, mainly due to their ease of use and flexibility.

Corporate organizations

Every organization has some amount of paperwork which needs to pass through different stages. Whether it is through various departments or validation from different people, piggyback labels can help everyone to keep a tab on the trail of the document. In many cases, one document can be associated with many different documents, placed at different places. Piggyback labels can help you to keep documents linked to one another. Just place the main label on the main document, and all the associated documents can have the remaining multiple smaller labels stuck on the headboards. This will ensure the integrity and organization of paperwork even in the most complex document trails. A piggyback label works like a ledger that tracks and keeps paperwork organized.

Logistics Domain

There is hardly any other domain that can benefit as much from piggyback labels as the logistics industry. Right from shipping receipts to the packing boxes, payment receipts or hand delivery, in every associated paperwork and logistics procedures, piggyback labels can find their usage. Tracking and tracing can be easily possible with piggyback labels. One can keep track of where the package has arrived, at what stage it is and establish timelines easily. This can help to track any theft or loss of package easily.


Another popular application of the piggyback label is in direct mail campaigns and coupons. Many direct marketers often mail their discount coupons and brand marketing material in the form of piggyback stickers where you have to return one part of the sticker to get a deal or discount on purchase.

Product labels

Piggyback labels are extremely useful as product labels. Many warranty labels on appliances are piggyback labels. A part of the piggyback label is often stuck to your invoice to establish a warranty on your purchased product. One thing to note about piggyback labels used for electronic appliances is that they are printed on direct thermal or thermal transfer paper.

Whether you need a label that sustains tough conditions or need a customized label in a piggyback format, Multicolor Labels can provide piggyback labels that are manufactured through sound engineering to ensure long durability and high-class quality. To experience our excellent quality services and get a customized label solution for your needs at competitive rates, speak to one of our associates in California, New York, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Michigan, Illinois, and Toronto today.

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