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There is hardly any sector in today’s business realm that doesn’t employ the use of labels. Be it pharma, warehouse, agro, food & beverage or automobile, labels from a critical part of the product’s lifecycle and have an important role to play.

Usually, labels are used to convey relevant information pertaining to the products. This information may include ingredients, price, warning, precautions, functioning or even warranty information. These unique pieces and chunks of information are used differently by different people who handle and use the product. However, sometimes information such as pricing, warranty or expiry date may undergo a change. At this stage, one of the vital functions that labels serve is making products more prevalent by concealing the old, out-of-date information. And to achieve this, industries throughout the world use what we call as blockout labels.

Blockout labels are opaque labels that when stuck on an existing older label of a product helps to hide the out of date information and keep it updated. For instance, these kinds of labels can easily convey a price change or enable the use of re-tasked or even inaccurate packaging in the warehouse industry.

Application in Warehousing

There is hardly any other sector that can benefit from blockout labels as much as warehousing.

Application in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Another sector to employ the complete use and benefit of a blockout label is the pharmaceutical industry.

Blockout labels are extremely important to keep your product information relevant and up to date. Whether you are looking to reuse an existing warehouse packaging, or you are looking to change the pricing or expiry on your pharmaceutical products, blockout labels from Multicolor Labels can help. With Multicolor Labels, many California, New York, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Michigan, Illinois, and Toronto manufacturers realize improved label functionality, cost reduction and efficiency in their businesses.

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