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Destructive or Tamper Proof Security Labels

Posted on April 10, 2019

Research has revealed that at least 39% of Canadian businesses suffer from losses due to asset thefts and sabotage. These asset thefts can be minor or significant and depending on what valuable assets have been stolen, companies may face varying levels of losses. For companies who try to protect their assets, tamper proof labels and destructible vinyl labels are two crucial kinds of stickers that help them to deter such occurrences. While most business owners often refer to both these labels interchangeably, knowing the subtle differences between them will help you choose the more suitable label for your business needs.

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Difference between the two kinds of labels

Although tamper proof labels and destructive vinyl labels have the same purpose – protecting your assets – they are quite different in terms of their construction and meaning. When you observe carefully, you will notice that subtle differences between the two types of labels lies in the name itself. While one is a destructible type, the other helps to recognize tampering.

Destructive Labels

A person who is trying to sabotage or steal your asset with a destructive label on it will have a hard time removing the label. When attempting to remove the label, it will simply fall apart. In addition, you will notice that destructive labels will need a person to remove the label piece by piece akin to jigsaw puzzle pieces. In most likelihood, the pieces may not be removed properly.

Tamper Proof Labels

Tamper-proof labels are also called tamper-evident labels. When you use a tamper-evident label on your product, it can actually be removed in one go wherein the entire label peels off in one attempt. However, tamper proof labels will almost always leave behind a glue residue or some kind of marking that shows that the product has been used or tampered with. It shows the location where an asset sticker was present at one point. Usually, tamper-proof tags have perceptible words like VOID or USED under the tags which connote that a label was once located on the product which has now been removed.

When to use them and when to not

You may be wondering about when to use a tamper-proof label and when to use a destructive one. If you want a person to have a hard time getting rid of the sticker from your assets, you must use the destructible labels. The effort that one needs to put into removing a destructible label may make them think twice about stealing or sabotaging your asset. Destructive labels are often used by companies that manufacture pharmaceuticals and electronics. Businesses extensively use destructive labels for putting serial numbers on their products.

If you think that having a glue or marking residue on your products once a sticker is removed will help to prevent business theft, then tamper evident labels are suitable for your business. Tamper evident labels also help to deter theft and sabotage as it leaves evidence that an asset has been tampered with.

Whether you are looking for tamper proof labels, destructive labels or custom labels, Multicolor Labels can help with our wide range of selection at affordable prices for all your label needs. Call us today to know how we can help your business with all your labeling needs.

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