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Thanks to the increasing consumer awareness about the environment and some obvious advantages, there is a huge increase in the demand for double-sided labels for various commercial purposes. Double-sided labels not only serve functionality and convenience but are also space saving by enabling printing on both sides of the label. Double-sided labels use both sides of the material and are usually used on translucent surfaces, wherein information on the label can be viewed from both sides. There are many varieties available in double-sided labels:

Double sided industrial labels printing multicolor labels

Same message/image on both sides

You can use a transparent material and print the same message or image on the label, which can be viewed from both directions.

Different images/message

The most common example of this kind of label is the Push/Pull label you will find on many businesses, restaurants and office doors.

Image on one side and text message on another side

There are many products and businesses where it is important to maximize the space of the product label. This is especially the case with products that need a large amount of detailed information about the company, product ingredients, method of use, safety and precautions. But if all this information is to be included, there is hardly any space left for branding which is essential to distinguish the product from the competition. If the container of these products is see-through, double-sided labels can solve the space challenge and prove to be an excellent solution for extra information and branding. Most food and beverage, cosmetics, shipping and logistics industries greatly benefit by double-sided labels. However, their application is much more versatile beyond these industries.

If you have ever walked across a store’s glass window panel, you may have noticed several promotional messages on their windows. Another example of these kinds of labels is the “No Smoking” sign which is often present on the restaurant’s glass door or glass window and can be viewed from inside and outside. Several commonly displayed types of information on the back of double-sided stickers which convey instructions for use, recipes, unique codes, nutritional facts etc., for the purpose of information or contests.

Material and features

Using the right quality of adhesive for your double-sided label is one of the most important aspects of your label. Typically, the amount and quality of adhesive will depend on the material used to make the label and the storage conditions.

When used on a car or shop window, it is important to use durable and waterproof material to make the double-sided label so that it stays protected from the weather elements. Usually using a vinyl material with a strong adhesive helps. Similarly, if you are using a double-sided label for a bottle of shampoo, or different kinds of oils, it is important that the label is resistant to moisture and oil. As a business owner, it is imperative that your labels look impressive and convey the right message or imagery without being affected by certain external weather elements. If you are wondering which double-sided label solution is suitable for your needs, speak to an associate at Multicolor Labels. They will understand your requirements and suggest the best option for your needs.

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