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Freezer and Cold Weather Stickers

Posted on May 21, 2019

When it comes to using labels for cold environments, whether it is food or for use inside refrigerators, freezers, etc., ordinary labels cannot sustain the extreme temperatures in these environments. As a result, most of them are likely to either get moist or fall off due to the unsuitable adhesive. This is why labelling for cold environments calls for a special kind of label, that is made of material and adhesive which can sustain extremely cold temperatures. Unlike normal labels which are most likely to either fall off or get moist and damaged when exposed to extremely cold temperatures, freezer labels do not get affected by freezing temperatures and can stay functional for a long time. Although they may happen to be slightly more expensive than their other counterparts, it is prudent to use only tested and specially manufactured freezer labels for all your cold temperature needs. The allows for the appropriate labelling standards to be followed and you no longer need to be worried about whether your label has damaged or deteriorated due to prolonged exposure to cold temperatures.

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Application of freezer/cold temperature labels

There are many places where freezer/cold temperature labels can be typically functional. Most commonly they are used for extremely cold temperatures like in industrial or commercial cold storage and distribution, industrial kitchens, cryogenic laboratories, blast freezing environments, industries that deal with frozen food packaging and perishables. They are also used in industries that have sub-zero environmental circumstances like for instance as Canadian pipe yards in the winter. Most energy pipelines across Canada require steel pipes to support the flow of oil products to refineries and upgraders. These pipes not only function as a transit method for supply and distribution but also need to carry important information such as serial numbers, OD thickness or even job numbers which are important for the purpose of logistics and manufacturing. In harsh Canadian winters, these steel pipes can become extremely cold and ordinary labels may not serve the purpose in such climates. Eventually, with the freeze/thaw cycle, ordinary labels are likely to damage, fall off or get moist.


Unlike generally used labels, freezer labels are printed using a special kind of printer depending on the material used for the freezer label. In an industrial setting, thermal transfer printing is most commonly used. In addition, many also use screen, digital or even flexographic printing.


Usually, general labels are simply applied after removing the back cover and exposing the adhesive side on the surface where you wish to stick your label. With freezer labels, one needs to exercise proper procedure and care. This includes taking care to follow the guidelines pertaining to the lowest application temperature that the label manufacturer specifies. You also need to make sure that the surface is dry and free from any kind of moisture. When applying the label firmly onto a surface, it is recommended to use a squeegee instead of using your hands as many freezer labels are pressure sensitive.

When it comes to cold weather labels, quality is of paramount importance. After all, the last thing you need is a penalty or an accident that has occurred due to improper labelling or damaged labels that have fallen off from their surface. Having worked with numerous businesses who require freezer labels to improve their business processes and ensure compliance, Multicolor Labels possess in-depth experience and expertise at manufacturing all kinds of labels including weatherproof labels, that match your business needs. If you are looking for a reliable label partner, call Multicolor Labels today and let them know your business needs.

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