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Why Consider Vinyl Labels

Posted on June 21, 2019

Using vinyl as a multi-purpose material is a modern practice when it comes to labels, and it’s one many people are excited about. There are three key benefits to vinyl labels that any industrial or manufacturing business should be aware of

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It Can Adhere to Various Surface Shapes

One of the best things about vinyl labels, especially when printed on a large scale, is how well they stick to rounded surfaces. Vinyl is highly capable when it comes to conforming to non-flat or straight surfaces. It makes applying them to tanks, vehicles, barrels, drums and construction equipment a breeze. Have a surface that is curved in multiple directions? That is not a problem for vinyl labels! The malleable properties of vinyl allow it to keep the label attached to its surface, without fear of it lifting at the corners over time.

It’s Highly Durable When Outdoors

It’s difficult for certain materials and adhesives to stay attached to outdoor surfaces, particularly because of the various elements it has to endure. Outdoor labels have to make it through extreme temperature changes, weather exposure and dust sticking to the surface. As well, the labels have to be waterproof and resistant to the fading properties of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Thankfully, vinyl labels can handle changes in temperature without falling apart, from as low as -10 degrees to as high as almost 90 degrees. You can find vinyl labels with various outdoor lifespans, so it’s important that you choose one that best fits your ideal timeline.

Vinyl Labels are a Cost-Effective Option

It’s a common occurrence to find highly durable materials, especially those recommended for outdoor use, at even higher prices. A specialized solution is required to make sure these printed labels can actually survive outdoors for the time that’s suggested and stay looking as good as the day they were purchased. However, when it comes to vinyl labels, it’s possible to deliver the necessary durability for outdoor use with a budget-friendly price tag. When compared to other label options like polyester, vinyl is an incredibly economical choice, especially for the quality you receive.

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