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Frozen packaging can prove problematic for most product labels, which is why it’s important to use freezer labels to get the job done. However, even with these specialty labels, you may still encounter some issues, a common one being that the label keeps falling off. If you’re interested in figuring out why that is, then this is the guide for you!

They’ve Been Applied to a Frosty Surface

Labels for frozen products were made to be able to withstand freezing temperatures. However, this doesn’t mean freezer labels will effectively adhere to any cold surface. Even some freezer labels have a difficult time sticking to surfaces that are covered in frost, even though it’s what they were made for. When frozen products are removed from their cold temperatures, the frost transforms into water, negatively impacting the freezer label’s adhesive.

The best way to solve this problem is to wipe down any moisture from the product before applying the freezer label. Doing so will allow the label to stick effectively and for the long haul. If it’s a smaller product with a plain backing, you can also try wrapping the label around the entire package so the adhesive sticks to the label itself instead of the moist surface.

They Weren’t Engineered to Adhere to Frozen Surfaces

Waterproof and freezer labels are unlike your average paper labels when it comes to the engineering process. Because they’re being made for specific circumstances, manufacturers need to make sure they’re using the proper adhesive. Sometimes, that’s not the case, and you’re left with a freezer label that won’t adhere to frozen products.

When crafting freezer labels, it’s essential that manufacturers use face stock and adhesives that are both flexible and resistant to cold temperatures to ensure maximum effectiveness. Plastic, for example, isn’t a good choice because it gets stiffer as the temperature drops. This means that you wouldn’t be able to wrap the label around the product while the corners of the label would begin to peel away.

They’re being Applied to a Warm Surface

If warm packaging is placed in freezer storage, then the package itself will shrink over time. That will, in turn, cause the label to pull away from the product, as it won’t shrink at the same rate. This action also removed the adhesive from the freezer label. To fix this issue, make sure you’re choosing the right materials for the right jobs.

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