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Whether you are working on a hectic construction site or a busy commercial kitchen, there are many workplace dangers that you need to be aware of and protected against. This is why workplace safety is a high priority, even if it means wearing an uncomfortable hard hat all day long. To be properly protected on-site from falling debris, falling objects or even electric shock, a hard hat must be worn at all times. But with so many around, you have probably placed a sticker or two on it to make sure you grab yours at the end of your shift. But can you apply a decorative sticker to a construction hard hat? Well, that is what we are here to find out!

Do Hard Hat Stickers Add Value?

Construction hat stickers can be used to reward your employees for sticking to particular safety measures as well as notarize any of their workplace accomplishments. For example, hard hat stickers can be given out for having the proper CPR training or rescue team training, denoting that in case of an emergency, this individual will know what to do.

By offering construction workers hard hat stickers, it is also easy to recognize who is actually apart of your daily staff or team, while also acknowledging their complete safety training. Some other ideal uses for construction hard hat stickers include using retro-reflective stickers to increase visibility in case of an emergency, showing a sense of patriotism for your nation, providing motivational slogans for others to enjoy, and keeping emergency information on hand in case a situation calls for it.

Are Hard Hat Decals Allowed?

According to safety regulations set in place, there are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to applying hard hat stickers, depending on your area. The placement of adhesive stickers onto construction hats is acceptable if the employer deems that the helmet’s structure or visibility is not affected. As well, if the sticker’s placement, design or sizing does not make it difficult to identify other members of your team, then it should be acceptable. Hard hat stickers should never be placed over damaged areas of the hat. They should also be placed about three-quarters of an inch above the helmet’s edge.

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