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Sophisticated electronic equipment is the life-force of the tech-savvy world these days. From microchips to printed circuit boards, a wide variety of sensitive components are contained within these pieces of equipment that can be easily damaged by electrostatic discharges during the lifespan of the device. Each year, millions of electronic devices get destroyed during manufacturing, testing, assembly, careless handling during transportation or regular use.

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Once the electric components, such as a flash drive, is charged, an electric field surrounds the non-conductive material, often in excess. At any point, excess electrostatic charge can damage the parts. Machines with plastic parts or high-speed devices are also known to hold on to electrostatic charge or generate radiation, making them susceptible to damage. This results in parts being returned or sent back for repairs, taking down the company’s reputation with them. It also leads to reduced consumer-trust in the products.

Asset Tracking 

Anti-static removable barcode stickers are ideal for monitoring both fixed and movable assets like desktop computers, industrial machinery, printers and furniture. This reduces the risk of stolen assets and makes inventory management easier. Asset tracking allows the company to monitor employee usage of equipment, decreasing the chances of errors, losses or stolen assets. It increases the lifespan of the devices and keeps them in the best condition for longer. 

These premium vinyl labels are equipped with a protective laminate that makes them tamper-proof and UV-proof in scorching heat.

Antistatic Protection

Antistatic barcode labels play a big part in safeguarding electronic devices from electrostatic discharge, and tracking them, helping to increase their shelf life and maximize yields. The labels are made from special materials that prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) from transferring and settling over these delicate components, preventing damage. 

Safeguarding the components with high-quality labels in the manufacturing stage is crucial to keep them in the best condition for years. The labels have several other advantages:

Durable: The labels are extremely durable. They can withstand temperatures as low as -40 deg to +250 deg which are common during the manufacturing process of the electronic devices. They are engineered with excellent adhesive properties for a variety of materials from steel surfaces to wood, aluminum, plastic and polymers.

Removable: Despite its high adhesive properties, these stickers are easily removable. It is easy to reposition them without leaving the traditionally sticky residue that comes with standard glue.

Reduces static: The barcode labels are perfect for static-sensitive ESD packaging and labelling. They can identify static-sensitive electronic components and track them, reduce electrostatic discharge after application and reduce static buildup on the surface. 

Various applications: They also comply to the high federal and international standards of safety. They are ideal for asset tracking of electronic devices, manufacturing tools, shipping containers, and inventory shelving and suitable for applications that require repeat labelling. Available in several colours, the labels can be customized with the company logo, brand design, 2D barcodes and QR codes.

At Multicolor Labels, we specialize in printing high-quality, industrial-grade self-adhesive vinyl labels, stickers and decals for custom applications. They are weather-proof, removable, and help in asset tracking effectively. Call us for your business needs. We ship our labels across Canada and the USA including Texas, Ohio, and Florida. 

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