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Benefits Of Removable Stickers

Permanent labels are not only inconvenient for the residue they leave behind, but also because they are difficult to remedy mistakes on. In the medical and healthcare field, having the correct label and patient information is crucial. Removable medical labels are designed to help patients understand instructions clearer and have the right prescription. In the world of healthcare, there is no room for mistakes, especially when something as simple and convenient as peel and stick medical labels exist.

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Multicolor Labels can relieve some of the stress and multitasking that goes into the day to day of the medical world. Here’s how removable stickers help keep healthcare organized:

Right Data Is Always Available

The following are examples of medical stickers we carry. Each are full colour, water and weatherproof and pressure sensitive.

Prescription Label 

  • The correct dosage/name of their prescription, their name, the doctor/hospital’s information, name of who prescribed it and manufacturer. This is helpful to instantly remind the patient of the dosage required each day and if they have any questions, the number to call is right on the label. 

Medical Files

  • Doctors, nurses and staff at healthcare facilities also need information regarding patients and their health, as well as billing files accessible and organized. Medical labels can categorize files, such as X-ray, Lab Reports and Consent Forms.
  • Cautionary stickers and warning medical billing labels are crucial to help organize and stay on top of bills for the healthcare facility. 
  • Medical History Labels keep the patient’s health history up to date, easy to locate and edit when needed. When a patient’s information has changed, it’s as simple as covering it up with a new removable label with the updated data.

Surgical Tools

  • Removable stickers are extremely useful and easy to place on a readable part of the surgical tool. Some medical tools are kept in laboratory freezers, and Multicolor Labels extra tough high bond labels are prepared for high durability use.
  • Our labels can conform to complex curved shaped surgical tools and be serialized, numbered, tamper-proof to your standard.

Drug Warnings

  • Colourful labels on a patient’s prescription are often there to signify caution on some aspect of what was prescribed. To increase safety and awareness, drug/allergy warnings are full, often brightly coloured and high-quality.
  • Common cautionary labels that appear on prescriptions include:
    • Warning: “Do not drink alcoholic beverages while taking this medicine”
    • Warning: “Do not take other medicines without consulting with your doctor or pharmacist”
  • Allergy labels may be placed on a patient’s file to remind the healthcare staff of this individual’s allergy. Easy to read, bright and pressure sensitive labels are most effective to stand out on a patient’s chart.

Multicolor Labels offers a variety of safety and medical stickers for healthcare facilities to ensure safety and organization. Our removable and custom labels are available in a variety of colours and the highest quality printing at a low cost. Contact us for a free quote or order our labels online today. We ship our labels across Canada and the USA including Ohio, New York, and California. 


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