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Asset tracking helps businesses and industries of all sizes to centralize and manage their high value assets, preventing theft and loss. Asset tracking applications are used in a variety of industries from manufacturing to healthcare, education, warehouse facilities, shipping, software and more. The tracking integrates a variety of systems from barcode labels and software to asset tags. One of the most important elements for asset tracking through barcode labels is readability and durability. The labels come in a wide range of materials, formats, colours and designs to allow easy visibility against the equipment. 

Serial number labels

Advantages of Asset Tracking 

Asset tags allow organizations to keep an eye on equipment use, maintenance, repairs, compliance and optimize operations. Durable asset tracking solutions help maximize visibility, minimize loss, improves accuracy by reducing human error from manual documentation and improves productivity. 

Assets that need to be tracked are essentially of two types: fixed and movable.

Fixed Assets

Fixed assets such as office furniture, database servers, heavy construction equipment, hospital equipment such as X-ray or CT scan machines, HVAC equipment, tractors and road signs benefit from tracking components. It is easier to monitor them beyond one location when they are moved around from place to place. This includes equipment moved from one department to another, check-in and check-outs, and service deliveries. Accurate asset valuation helps in inventory control, streamlining accounting and asset valuation in the event of depreciation. 

Intangible assets such as trademarks and goodwill patents are considered fixed assets too. 

Moveable Assets

Movable assets that are exposed to changing weather conditions, chemicals or cleaning agents need barcode labels that can withstand the elements. During the purchase of barcode labels for asset tracking, it is important to be aware of configurations that meet the business requirements. 

Moveable assets are high value equipment such as computers, electronic devices, audio-visual equipment, and storage cabinets that can be moved about, among others. All of these require ongoing maintenance and repair. Many require bulk tracking.

Some companies further categorize assets into long-term, short-term, current, value appreciating and value depreciating wares. 

Asset Tracking Barcode Labels

Barcode labels are an important aspect of efficient asset tracking.

Since asset tags and barcode labels are meant for a variety of applications, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for all assets. A multitude of applications are manufactured for different purposes. 

When choosing colours, make sure to go for the ones that stand out best against your equipment. Yellow and green, for example, are popular shades whereas red is not easily visible. In terms of material, avoid paper for assets for outdoor use or exposed to high humidity. Choose more durable polyester, vinyl labels or metal tags instead. 

Multicolor Labels – Custom Printed Stickers, Barcode Labels and Decals

At Multicolor Labels, our asset tracking barcode labels are custom-made for different industrial requirements. The high-quality labels are designed to resist water, UV rays, various chemicals, solvents, abrasion, extreme cold, and high heat, making them perfect for fixed and movable assets, indoor and outdoor use. Our durable peel and stick, specially formulated adhesive-applications are quick to install barcode labels are removable and replaceable yet indestructible, lasting for years. Contact us for high-value industrial-grade short runs, self-adhesive numbered labels, stickers, and decals. We ship our labels across the USA and Canada, including California, Pennsylvania, and Florida. 

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