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Labels that are placed on products meant for cold and freezing conditions need to be durable enough to stay put during the storage process. This applies to products that are refrigerated, frozen, placed outside during the winter or shipped to the customer’s home in negative temperatures. A good label company will ensure that their product labels for cold weather and freezing will not succumb to negative temperatures when exposed. 

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Prior to selecting a label company for your products, consider whether it is waterproof, temperature resistant and weatherproof. Below, we’ll discuss the traits to look for and why those features are fundamental in a cold-weather label. 

1. All Temperature or Freezer Adhesive

Products intended for refrigeration or products that remain outdoors require a label that contains all temperature adhesives. This type of label can be applied in room temperature to 35°C and can withstand cold climates. Adhesive that is not designed for cold temperatures can freeze or eventually fall off. This strong adhesive is designed for products in freezing environments, a freezer adhesive label is necessary because it adheres to products that remain in a freezer at sub-zero conditions. 

2. Permanent 

Permanent labels guarantee durability and are designed to stay intact and bond tightly to a product’s surface. They are affixed to the product or package and simply cannot come off. This label is designed with aggressive bonding adhesive to secure it when necessary. Multicolor Label’s permanent stickers conform to rounded surfaces as well without shrinking, wrinkling or peeling. For outdoor objects requiring a label (on the poles of a chair lift, for example), a label that can be applied to a rounded surface and withstand cold, slush and snow is mandatory. 

3. Weatherproof 

Weather in a cold climate is unpredictable and that is why a label that stays secure throughout harsh winters is a necessary trait. Multicolor Labels custom cold weather labels withstand snow, slush, negative temperatures and wind on any vehicle and industrial equipment. A cold weather label needs to be of the highest quality, so it remains readable in winter conditions. This is absolutely vital for warning or cautionary labels. Freezer labels have to be condensation-resistant so they do not become damaged from exposure to moisture or other chemicals. Identifying markers on labels are especially important for meat, dairy and poultry products that are frozen and must have the information clear. 

4. Waterproof

Multicolor Labels specialize in high-quality, heavy-duty and heavy durability labels. These waterproof labels are fully resistant to being submerged in water without peeling off or fading. Cold temperatures can result in freezing rain, which may affect most labels, but not waterproof stickers designed for the cold. With aggressive, permanent backing, waterproof labels are efficient for any cold climate outdoor application.

If your products require high-quality cold weather labels and freezer labels, Multicolor Labels has the right stickers for you. We can provide free quotes and ship custom cold weather and freezer labels throughout Canada and the USA including California, Texas, and Florida. 

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