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A crucial part of all businesses and manufacturing units is to keep employers and consumers safe. The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) was created in 1970 to ensure safe, compliant working conditions for all by setting certain standards. Proper education, training about workplace safety standards and outreach are critical to ensure everyone is well-informed about the requirements for which container labelling is key. 

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OSHA insists that chemicals should be accurately evaluated and classified by manufacturers to identify hazardous components and caution with appropriate hazard warnings on the labels. The labels should be periodically reviewed and updated by the manufacturer within three months if the chemicals are changed.

Customized Container Labels

Labels must comply with all requirements set by OSHA. Label content must be prominently displayed on the container. Words, pictures, symbols, and numbers should all be clear and sharp. The container label material should be tamper-proof, smudge-proof, heat-proof, waterproof and chemical-proof to safeguard both the products and those who handle them. 

OSHA insists that employees exposed to hazardous chemicals should be informed about actions to safeguard themselves from exposure. The content should be easily readable under all lighting conditions and understandable even by those who do not speak English for which information can be included in another language such as French.

Office workers don’t face the same hazards as workers in a manufacturing unit, warehouse or production area. Within the office environment too, different workers face different safety hazards. Receptionists and accountants fall in a different category from laboratory technicians and service workers who visit warehouses or production units. Proper signage serves as a good reminder to everyone to handle the inventory following necessary precautions, especially when new chemicals are shipped to the facility. 

GHS-Compliant Labels for New Chemicals

OSHA has recently introduced the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for new chemical container labels. There are six distinct elements in the requirements:

  1. Product Identification: Identify the hazardous chemical, insert the name of the chemical, code number and batch number clearly.
  2. Hazard Rating: The severity of the hazard needs to be classified with an appropriate word and signal such as “Warning,” “Danger,” “Corrosive,” “Explosive,” and more. 
  3. Standardized Content: Labels should be consistent and standardized about describing the nature and level of the hazard in each category with appropriate content.
  4. Proper Storing and Disposal: Proper information to lower the risk of harm and minimize exposure to the chemical must be provided. A statement describing steps to be taken in case of chemical exposure must be included, as well as how to store the chemical and properly dispose of when required.
  5. Supplier Information: The name and contact details of the chemical manufacturer, supplier or importer must be clearly mentioned.
  6. Descriptive Pictograms: Clear visual instructions to illustrate the dangers must be included with multiple pictograms.

Once the labels are designed conforming to all requirements, high-quality printing is mandatory. How can you determine the best design, printing and material customized to your requirements, configuring to all of OSHA’s specifications? Just contact Multicolor Labels. We are a licensed, trusted one-stop-shop for all stickers, labels and decals for a wide variety of business applications.

Multicolor Labels: Premium Custom Printed Hazard Labels

Our premium warning labels, chemical safety stickers, caution stickers and security seal labels are self-adhesive, high bond, waterproof, chemical-proof and heat-proof. We provide digital printing on vinyl or fluorescent material to allow clear visibility in low light conditions. 

We use only the most premium materials to design custom hazard labels to ensure they are easily recognizable, legible, and full-colour, complying with OSHA and the government’s strict safety regulations. Our products clearly warn people about hazardous components and sourcing locations for public and worker safety. Contact us for custom quotes. We ship across Canada and America including Texas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. 

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