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Proper communication is critical in the fast-paced field of healthcare. It is mandatory for hospital equipment to carry clearly printed, durable labels to explain the use of medical devices and reduce the risk of patient harm. 

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Modern medical equipment comes with strict regulations that need to be followed for correct use. Appropriate labelling that carries clear-to-read manufacturer’s instructions protects both patients’ health and manufacturers from litigation. An effective way to ensure proper labelling is to source high-quality labels from a reliable, experienced supplier. 

Expert suppliers have the technology and knowledge to create custom labels for a wide variety of medical equipment from blood-pressure monitors, blood-test kits, lab devices, surgical instruments to diagnostic tools such as X-ray machines, MRI and ultrasound units.

Avoid Critical Errors, Enhance Communications

Proper labelling ensures accuracy of use, safety and functionality under all conditions. Healthcare labels must be printed with high-grade, smudge-proof ink that is clear to read and doesn’t get ruined when exposed to rigorous hospital conditions such as chemicals, blood or water spills. 

Hard-to-read labels can lead to critical, life-threatening errors for patients. Equipment such as intravenous therapy (IVF), for instance, needs to have the right labelling for nurses and staff to understand instantly, administer medication properly and reach the right patient without delay. If the label is not durable, several things can go wrong, especially in emergency situations when equipment instructions need to be followed accurately in seconds. Proper labels printed with high-quality ink lowers the risk of improper dosage. It prevents wrong medication from being connected to the IV bag and allows medical staff to identify specific information to administer the exact dose at the earliest.

What to Look for in Healthcare Labels?

There are a few crucial elements to look out for in healthcare labels to ensure the right quality for your healthcare equipment. 

Multicolor Labels: High-Quality Custom-Printed Vinyl Stickers

At Multicolor Labels, we provide a wide assortment of high-quality, tamper-proof, serialized, sequentially-numbered custom vinyl stickers, labels and decals for all healthcare equipment. Get more value and ensure clear communication with our waterproof, weatherproof, labels and stickers that endorse your branded medical equipment clearly. We work with you to create the right label solutions from design concept to delivery, ensuring consumers understand instructions, prescription dose, warning information and expiry dates clearly. Contact us to get custom quotes for your healthcare applications. We ship our labels across Canada and the USA including California, Texas, and Ohio. 

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