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Labels are often overlooked by businesses however, they have the ability to improve organization, increase communication among employees, and make the floor a safer place for you and employees. Below we list some ways that industrial labelling can benefit you and your company. 

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Dis-organization can be the beginning of the end for your business, as it decreases the efficiency of all of your operations. You can ensure that your business is protected from disorganization by making sure that everything on your work floor is properly labelled. By reducing confusion over where products are supposed to be stored and where your employees should be working, you will reduce the time employees spend wondering what to do. Proper labelling will also be beneficial when training new employees. Not only will be it be a simple task but even if they forget anything during training, they’ll have the tools available to them to access information that they need to complete the job efficiently and effectively. 


Communication is key to any successful business. As your company grows, it is crucial that you have established communication across all channels to ensure that nothing ever gets lost in translation. If you are not communicating clearly to your employees, it is most likely that they will not communicate well with each other.

Good communication goes beyond written and verbal communication, but also extends to making sure that everything is labelled to guarantee that important information is accessible to those that need it. You wouldn’t want your employees operating a malfunctioning piece of machinery, and a label would help you convey that message quickly, and without having to sit down with every employee. 


Safety should be the top priority for every manager and owner. No matter how successful your business is, the end is inevitably near if your employees repeatedly get hurt on the job. While you can’t stop every accident from happing,  you can do your part to prevent them by making sure your employees are aware of any hazards in the work-place. 

Depending on what your business is, you may be required to do so as instructed by the Occupational Health and Safety Act regulations. In that case, you can be fined for not having the appropriate labels in your workplace even if no one has been injured on the job. 

You can avoid these costs, by having industrial labels required for your company’s operations. This can include but is not limited to flammable and poisonous labels, as well as “inspected by” labels, which alert your employees to a dangerous item in your workspace that is being addressed by someone in your safety team. 

For all of your label needs come visit us at  Multicolor Labels. We will help you find and/ or create the appropriate labels for your company/organization that will make it a safe place to work for everyone. We ship our labels across Canada and the United States including, New York, California, Texas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. 

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