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When looking for ways to advertise your business, advertising on windows is a great way to visually promote your business. If you are on the road throughout your day or drive in high traffic areas, you can catch a lot of potential customer’s eyes with the right design. Great designs in your storefront can pique the interest of people enough to bring them into the store. Knowing the difference between window decals and window clings will ensure that you allocate your funds to the best option for your business’ advertising needs. In this blog, we aim to help you make the best decision when faced when choosing between window decals or window clings.

What Are Window Decals?

Window decals are stickers that are used to promote businesses or brands. They can be applied to any clean, flat surface as they are made with an adhesive backing. Many times, you’ll see them on the windows of cars or businesses.

Types Of Window Decals

There are three common types of window decals:

  1. Clears Decals: Clear decals offer two-way visibility because they are clear in all of the areas that don’t have print. 
  2. Opaque Decals: Opaque decals will have a white non-transparent background where there is no print.
  3. Perforated Window Decals: Perforated window decals will only allow one-way visibility.

What Are Window Clings?

Window clings are similar to window decals, but they do not have adhesive backings. Window clings will stick to a surface because of static electricity. That means that they can only be applied to glass or plastic. They are not compatible with other flat surfaces like wood or concrete. When you purchase window clings, they will be printed and cut into the shape that you prefer. Window clings are made from a thin vinyl material that is flexible and easily movable.

Installation Of Window Decals Vs. Window Clings

Window decals have adhesive backings; therefore, once it has been position and installed it will be semi-difficult to remove and reapply. You’ll want to make sure that you have carefully considered the location that you are applying it and that you have carefully measured it’s placement so that it is not crooked. Once you’ve placed your window decal on the desired surface, you’ll have a few minutes to make some changes before the installation is complete. Window clings, on the other hand, can be installed with little effort. Since they don’t have an adhesive backing, you can easily place them and re-adjust them as desired. You can also easily move them between locations. Neither window decals or clings have to be applied by a professional, you can do it yourself with the right tools and a helping hand. 

If you are interested in creating window decals or clings, contact Multicolor Labels. We ship across the USA including California, New York, and Florida. 

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