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Benefits of Warning Labels

Your business is unique, and based on that fact, you need to have warning labels that are specific to your business and products. You should not sacrifice the safety of your employees with generic warning signs that may not be relevant to the needs of your business. You should invest in custom warning labels to prevent the possibility of your employees getting hurt on the job. Custom warning labels have benefits, some of which we will highlight in this blog.

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Protect Others

Warning labels will protect your employees and customers from accidents, but they require special attention in order for them to be fully effective. A warning sign that people cannot see will not be of use to them. The most effective warning signs will be designed specifically for situations and/or products. Standard warning labels can be used for common situations like wet floors. However, if your business has unique situations or products that may jeopardize the health of others, it is in your best interest to have specialized warnings. In order for them to be effective, your labels have to be:

Noticeable – Small or poorly placed labels won’t be helpful to anyone. When designing your labels, make sure you pay close attention to their size and the colours that you decide to use. You’ll also want to think about the line of sight when placing your labels. Remember, even the best warning labels are useless if no one can see them.

Understandable – A label that has poor wording or sends mixed messages with graphics won’t be helpful to anyone. Employees and customers have to be able to understand the warning in order for them to be effective. If they are unable to understand the warning, they are more likely to ignore it.

Easy to Comply With – The more difficult it is to comply with the instructions, the more people will ignore it and not follow the instructions. When creating your label, make sure that it is easy to ready and the instructions are clearly laid out and easy to follow.

Avoid Litigation

While financial security is secondary to safety, you still cannot ignore it. Litigation is a real threat to you and your business if your warning signs do not do a good job of protecting those who are/will be using the product. If your product is as safe as possible, and the consumer can clearly see the warning labels, then you have nothing to worry about. It is ineffective labels that you have to watch out for. Customized labels will be able to protect you from litigation because they are able to include very specific information/instructions that generic labels cannot.

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