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During this unpredictable time, businesses are doing everything they can to protect their customers and employees. Healthcare facilities are essential businesses and as they continue to protect and care for the community, they need the support of the labelling industries. Pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities are on the front lines battling against epidemic with diagnostic testing kits, conducting clinical trials and essential Coronavirus research to work towards developing a vaccine and other solutions.

COVID 19 Updates

Custom labels are key to supporting the battle against the epidemic. Multicolor Labels is committed to providing custom epidemic labels for our clients as quickly as possible to assist them and their patients during this time of need. Read on to learn about the benefits and importance of custom labels for epidemic research.

1. Communication of epidemic Information Is Critical

The need for greater, affordable and easier access to healthcare is critical for all types of people, especially the ageing population. During this time, everyone must take precautionary measures and extra care to ensure their health and the health of the most vulnerable in their community. Printed labels are designed to be easy to read and comprehend medical information for all. Custom epidemic labels can be designed to reflect warnings, indicators, and critical information regarding the virus. Designed in different fonts, styles, shapes and sizes allows the labels to communicate the information clearly and effectively. Medical professionals must also be able to interpret the labels correctly. Correct, eligible labels minimize health hazards and risks and inform the patients of certain requirements that must be met.

2. Barcodes Reduce Medical Errors

Barcodes have become widely used by healthcare facilities over the last decade. High-quality barcode stickers offer quick information. For example, blood banks have barcodes applied to each blood bag and minimize health risks by providing information about blood type to prevent blood bag mix-ups when transferring them to a facility. Studies have found that barcodes can reduce medical errors by about 41% and the FDA has made it necessary for pharmaceutical manufacturers to apply barcodes to prescription medications. 

3. Protects Patient Confidentiality

Labels are an absolutely essential part of healthcare as well as the legal aspect of it. Medical labels also contain confidential, private information of the patient which cannot be shared. Printed labels must ensure the data privacy of the patient and safeguard their medical information. Designed with extremely specific and durable adhesive, these custom labels cannot be reapplied. If they are removed, they will become illegible to others to prevent them from accessing your personal information. Other labels can also be designed to fade or fatigue after a certain period of time to ensure data privacy.

Multicolor Labels specializes in high-quality custom printed labels and decals to serve many industries. We ensure fast printing service and quick turnaround time to deliver these much-needed labels. Custom labels are extremely important for industries that need to identify safety hazards and other important information to consumers. Order high-quality, custom labels for your business needs by requesting a free quote at We ship our labels across Canada and the United States including California, Ontario, and New York. 

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