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Asset Labels Guide

Labels are an essential part of tracking your business assets, but they shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. Different labels work better in specific situations over others and can prove much more useful than generic business labels. This handy guide will give you a brief overview of some of the many asset labels you can use for your business endeavors.

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Unique Capability Labels

One label type is the tamper-proof label. These work like regular labels, but after 24-48 hours, the adhesive bond forms and any removal attempts leave behind a “VOID” pattern that stays when removal’s attempted, making the label impossible to move or reuse.

Another is destructible labels, which also apply normally but will chip and break if someone tries to remove them; again, making them impossible to reuse or move without obvious tampering evidence. They’re particularly useful in anti-counterfeiting measures and can also help reduce theft, authenticate products, and protect against counterfeit equipment, instruments, parts, and components. Destructible labels can include barcodes and serial numbers for added security.

Barcode labels are labels printed with a QR code and 2D barcode stickers, allowing you to better keep track of your assets. They’re designed to be easy-to-read for either barcode readers or smartphones; included information can be text, a URL, or other readable data. QR codes are increasingly used in consumer purchasing, almost exclusively so in Asian countries like China, and any business looking to get ahead should be looking into their North American potential. 

Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing, or VDP, is a process that allows a set of unique variable labels to integrate seamlessly with product identifying sticker labels. Examples of this process include numbered labels and custom QR codes. VDP can also be used to place unique, variable images efficiently and automatically on individual labels. 

Thanks to VDP, every processed label can be unique. This allows businesses to have printing done for consecutive numbers, text, barcodes, or even graphics, dynamic numbering, and messages. You can also use variable data labels to customize photos, sales messages, numbers, names, parking permits and passes, security permits, and product packaging for supply chains. 

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