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In the realm of asset tracking, labels serve as indispensable tools, but a one-size-fits-all approach falls short. Tailored asset labels are essential for efficient asset management, offering specialized features that outperform generic business labels. This comprehensive guide explores various asset labels suited for diverse business needs.

Enhanced Security Labels:

Tamper-Proof Labels:

Tamper-proof labels feature an adhesive bond that solidifies within 24-48 hours, leaving behind a distinct “VOID” pattern upon removal attempts. This irreversible alteration deters tampering and renders the label unmovable or reusable, bolstering asset security.

Destructible Labels:

Destructible labels are designed to chip and break upon removal attempts, providing unmistakable evidence of tampering. Ideal for anti-counterfeiting measures, these labels enhance theft prevention, product authentication, and protection against counterfeit equipment and components. Incorporating barcodes and serial numbers further fortifies security measures.

Barcode Labels:

Barcode labels, including QR codes and 2D barcode stickers, facilitate seamless asset tracking. Readable by barcode readers or smartphones, these labels offer easy access to asset information, including text, URLs, or other relevant data. With QR codes gaining prominence in consumer transactions, leveraging their potential enhances business operations and customer engagement.

Variable Data Printing (VDP):

Variable Data Printing enables the integration of unique variable labels with product identifying sticker labels. From numbered labels to custom QR codes, VDP allows for efficient placement of unique images and data on individual labels. This versatility enables businesses to customize labels with consecutive numbers, text, barcodes, graphics, and dynamic messaging, catering to diverse needs such as product identification, security permits, and supply chain packaging.

Partner with Multicolor Labels:

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