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Protect Labels and Decals

When it comes to labels and decals, your worst enemy is the environment. Whether it’s rain, shine, or anything in between, environmental and other external conditions can wreak havoc on your labels and decals. With the right amount of research and time investment, however, there are several ways to protect your custom designs from anything thrown at them.

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Out of all the various methods out there, lamination is by far the easiest way to protect your decals and labels. Lamination involves placing a clear laminating sheet over the top of the label or decal once the latter is set in place; the sheet is slightly larger than what you’re protecting, in order to properly fit. 

There are different lamination types available, depending on what you’re laminating and your desired level of protection. Polyester lamination has good chemical resistance but minimal UV resistance and doesn’t shrink or stretch, while polycarb has good abrasion resistance but fair chemical resistance with minimal UV resistance. Anti-graffiti lamination has good chemical, UV, temperature, and humidity resistance while offering minimal abrasion protection, while clearcoat is UV-cured and can provide some chemical resistance while helping resist ink fading for three and a half to eight years. Finally, doming offers a 3D visual interest and a unique feel and offers the best overall chemical, germ, and UV resistances lasting 10+ years, but isn’t available for everything and is the costliest lamination method. 

When it comes to laminating, keep in mind what you’re laminating and the level of protection you might want. 

Other Protection Methods

Besides laminating, there are several other ways to protect your custom labels and decals. The type of ink you choose is a factor, with certain inks offering protective benefits like UV resistance, increased durability, or unconventional surface printing. 

There are also aerosol sealant sprays, which provide a layer of clear shellac to whatever you apply it to; the protection is permanent and prevents smudging or moisture accumulation onto your custom label. Be careful with this method, however, as the ink should dry for about 24 hours before application; otherwise, you risk discoloration. 

Custom label printers also provide their own protective methods. These can range from waterproof or cold weather labels to more specialized versions designed for use in freezers, medical fields, or as heat transfers onto garments. Make sure to do your research and ask the printer what specialized protective methods they provide. 

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