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Protection Methods

In the realm of labels and decals, environmental factors pose a formidable threat to their longevity and efficacy. Rain, sunlight, and various external conditions can compromise the integrity of your custom designs. However, with meticulous research and strategic investment of time, there exist multiple avenues to safeguard your labels and decals against these challenges.


Among the plethora of protective measures available, lamination stands out as a straightforward and effective solution. By encasing your labels or decals in a clear laminating sheet, you create a durable barrier against environmental elements. Different lamination types offer varying levels of protection:

  • Polyester lamination provides chemical resistance but limited UV resistance.
  • Polycarb lamination offers abrasion resistance but fair chemical and UV resistance.
  • Anti-graffiti lamination ensures robust protection against chemicals, UV rays, temperature fluctuations, and humidity.
  • Clearcoat lamination, UV-cured, guards against ink fading and offers some chemical resistance.
  • Doming lamination, albeit costlier, provides unparalleled chemical, germ, and UV resistance, along with a distinctive 3D visual appeal lasting over 10 years.

When considering lamination, assess your specific needs and desired level of protection to select the most suitable option.

Alternative Protection Methods

In addition to lamination, various alternative methods can fortify your custom labels and decals. The choice of ink plays a crucial role, with certain types offering inherent protective properties such as UV resistance and enhanced durability. Aerosol sealant sprays offer a permanent layer of clear shellac, safeguarding against smudging and moisture accumulation; however, ensure the ink is fully dry before application to prevent discoloration.

Custom label printers offer specialized protective solutions tailored to diverse applications, including waterproof labels, cold weather labels, and labels designed for specific environments such as freezers or medical settings. Collaborate closely with your printer to explore these options and select the most suitable protective method for your needs.

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