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All businesses have had to adjust to the pandemic and social distancing in some form to flatten the curve. Social distancing regulations have become a vital part of this process and are at the forefront of everyone’s minds, especially business owners. To prevent the spread of Coronavirus, each individual is expected to keep a distance of at least 6-feet from each other. This can become difficult for businesses, especially grocery stores, malls, pharmacies, and even take-out restaurants, to manage. That is why many retailers are using floor stickers to help their customers maintain and respect social distance regulations. 

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If you’re unsure of whether or not floor stickers are right for your business’, read on to learn about how the signage supports social distancing during COVID-19 restrictions.

1. 6-feet Social Distance Floor Stickers

One of the most popular and effective floor stickers businesses are using is specifically designed for social distancing. The 6-feet social distance floor stickers are being used in businesses, hospitals, malls, factories, grocery stores, and pharmacies to remind customers of the distance they must maintain, especially while in line. These social distance floor stickers promote individuals to maintain the correct distance themselves so store employees do not have to. The stickers remind shoppers to maintain the 6-feet distance and thank them for doing their part to social distance.

2. Arrow Floor Stickers

Arrow floor stickers are being used in stores to remind shoppers of a one-way shopping rule. These floor stickers ensure that shoppers move in one direction and can easily be placed anywhere throughout the store. This helps customers social distance far more easily and navigate the store with ease and much faster to avoid bumping into one another.

3. Carpet Floor Stickers

Carpet floor stickers are ideal for workspaces, such as offices, co-working spaces, walk-in clinic areas, etc. that are carpeted. These stickers can be designed to promote social distancing regulations with the same, if not similar, verbiage as the 6-feet social distance floor stickers. This helps to ensure your staff and any customers or visitors are safe upon entering the space. Lasting for up to six months, carpet floor stickers are durable, reliable and will not peel off of the carpet.

4. Sidewalk Stickers

Many businesses are choosing to regulate the number of customers allowed in their store at a time. It can be difficult and quite obnoxious to hire someone to manage this, which is why sidewalk stickers are a viable alternative. Sidewalk stickers are designed to promote social distancing while waiting to enter the store to ensure customers maintain their distance while they wait to enter. The stickers are highly durable, with a protective, water-resistant layer to remain visible and stuck on the surface at all times.

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