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Why Product Labels

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When it comes to product marketing, labels are a key component. Prime labels are what people first see and they often contain high-quality pictures and colours to engage the customer and enhance the product’s appeal. A lot of companies also choose to incorporate secondary labels into their marketing and these are generally placed on the back of products and contain important product information.

The information that labels contain is extremely important, and the following are just some examples of what should be included:


If you are marketing a food product, the label must indicate all of the ingredients that it contains so that the customer is aware of what is in the food they are eating or using. This will help the customer understand how healthy or unhealthy the product is and they will also be able to view any ingredients they may be allergic to.

Health Risks

In addition to informing customers about the possibility of allergies, labels should also contain any other health risks the product may be associated with. Cigarettes, for example, have to include health warnings on their labels while displaying warnings of poison or hazardous products, which must be clearly stated. This would apply to alcoholic beverage labels as well.


This is crucial when it comes to cleaning products, cosmetics and medications. Either the prime or secondary label must include directions for using the product and must clearly state the quantity that should be applied. Using too much of a product or using it incorrectly can present serious consequences, so the consumer must know how to use the product correctly and safely. If there are a lot of instructions associated with a specific product, you can use booklet labels as these will allow you to provide detailed and in-depth information, as well as step-by-step instructions.


A product label can market the item all on its o wn if it features the right colours and information. Consumers are often attracted to certain types of labels and will end up purchasing the product as a result. Your label should feature bright colours and must be unique so that customers become interested and pick your product when it’s placed next to similar ones on a shelf. Today’s technology will allow you to create the perfect label that is most suitable for your product, and labels can be used for couponing, gaming, sweepstakes and even cross-brand marketing. Labelling your products is a useful sales tool, so keep this aspect in mind.


Product labels are very important because they provide crucial information and instructions to consumers while helping your products stand out. If you want to market your products successfully, you must always consider your label design and the type of information you provide, and Multicolor Labels can help! We specialize in sticker printing of every kind, including removable, logo, bumper and vinyl stickers. Whether you need product labels, clear labels, waterproof labels or custom ones, we do it all, so contact us today!


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