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Wrap-Around Product Labels

Labels are extremely important when it comes to product marketing and there are a number of different types of labels you can consider. Each one comes with its own set of advantages, and wrap-around labels, in particular, come with several benefits that would boost the success of your product significantly.

If this type of label is an option you are considering, here are a few of the benefits it provides:

The Ability To Provide Extra Information

If you need to provide customers with a lot of information or need to do so within a small or limited amount of space, wrap-around labels are ideal. You won’t have to cut down on your text or eliminate any useful information because you will have more room to work with.

They Are Crease-free

This is especially beneficial for smaller products and you will be able to include and display all of the information you want without worrying about visibility. These labels are smooth and easy to read when wrapped around cylindrical items.

They Adhere To Label Laws

This particular type of label works in relation to the major law changes within the food industry and will allow you to creatively include more information on your food labels without any distractions. Wrap-around labels will support the purpose of your brand instead of taking away the focus. Regulations state that extra mandatory information on food labels must be displayed and the information must be perfectly legible. This means you will likely have to fit more into your labels and the wrap-around type will allow you to do so.

They Contain Superior Anti-static Properties

This will make for a highly efficient and reliable labeling process and you won’t have to worry about your labels curling because they will be placed perfectly around the products. These types of labels can also resist abrasions, so your products will look attractive and will draw the client’s attention.


Beautifully designed and well thought out labels will help sell your product, so they are extremely important as they will help your products stand out. A lot of shoppers base their decision of buying a product on its appearance and packaging, so you need to put thought into your labels because they do matter and will make a difference.


Multicolour Labels can help your products stand out! We specialize in both labels and stickers and can customize them for you so that they meet your needs and demands. We offer a number of sticker printing services, so whether you need custom labels or vinyl stickers, we can help. We can also provide you with waterproof labels, removable stickers, clear labels, logo stickers, sticker labels, car stickers and so much more, so give us a call today!

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