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Power of Label Kits

They are a single sheet of different labels, grouped together for a certain task or product. Most label printers sell a variety of label kits, varying in styles (shape, size, and colour) and specificity, although you can only choose a single material for printing and a single type of adhesive. Oftentimes, label kits are centered around industrial uses, though not always.

Label Kit Advantages

Label kits hold a variety of advantages over singular labels. Having everything in one sheet means no missed labels, while it becomes much cheaper compared to ordering each individual label. You also don’t run out of one label before the others and it’s easier to see when you need to order more. Label kits are also incredibly easy for any good label printing house to set up.

It should be noted that label kits are different from label combos, the latter is essentially two labels with one front and one rear label printed back-to-back on rolls, with these typically being machine-applied.

Label kits are also excellent for promotional uses, like for promotional stickers. These can be eye-catching and brightly coloured in all shapes and sizes, perfect to promote any product or service while still being easy to apply.

The easiest way to order label kits is to speak to the appropriate employee at your local label printer, or whatever label printer your company or service uses. They can help advise on the best materials and adhesive, alongside ways to save money and create better ease of use through label kit setups.

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