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There are a wide variety of labels you can use when it comes to shipping but depending on the circumstances, it might make sense to use stock labels.

What Are Stock Labels?

These are plain labels unadorned by any personalization; they can also be called “off-the-shelf” labels. Generally, these are made from white paper but can also be printed on Kraft paper, clear film, and polyester materials. Stock labels can be used to print customized information, although they can also be used as-is. They’re typically used for shipping, labelling pantry or hobby goods, name badges, products for commercial sale, and other things.

Stock labels generally come in 8.5×11” sheets, although other sizes are available, depending on the printer. They usually come in circles, ovals, squares, or rectangles. Sometimes, some printers have large blank label stock in rolls for other small-business label printers.

When Are Stock Labels Sensible?

There are several situations where stock labels make a lot of sense to use. For example, one good situation is when you need the flexibility to print only a few labels at a time; this is especially useful when you have one-off or personalized products for customers. This way, you have more control and customizability over what goes on your labels. It’s also a good way to test custom styles and artwork.

Another good use is if your label contents frequently change; this is especially true for address labels, packing slips, product labels or ingredients if they vary consistently. 

Stock labels are incredibly useful when printing in black and white, which is much cheaper than colour printing. Black ink doesn’t always come out entirely visible on clear labels, while other colours may not come out right. 

If you don’t plan on using a top coating or laminate, stock labels work well; otherwise, it’s a better idea to use more purpose-built label types like waterproof labels or other custom labels.

Finally, stock labels work best if used on a flat non-slick surface like paper or cardboard; the adhesive used with this label type adheres well to these types of surfaces and ensures a strong application. Again, stock labels probably aren’t your best bet if you need something for heavily curved or textured surfaces. 

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