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Decorative Stickers

decorative stickers

Decorative Stickers

Beautify your products with decorative stickers. Great for adding a refreshing charm to branding. Get shiny holographic, gold and silver stickers. We’re here to help you print that perfect set of decorative product stickers for your brand items. We have decorative product stickers ideal for any style of decor for any product.

We print a wide range of custom-made decorative stickers suitable for promotional items at corporate events. Get your graphics printed on a shiny stickers for promotional sales and exhibits. Add instant class to your product branding and showcasing. We custom print decorative stickers that are specially designed for products with festive themes with color schemes, for business shows and special company events.

Get metallic special effects on poly film stickers, holographic, sparkling, confetti, and kaleidoscope film stickers. These distinctive decorative films give your graphics a competitive edge when used on products. We create decorative border stickers used for all purpose product decoration ideas.

Decorative Stickers

All our decorative stickers are fade-resistant and are UV resistant for extended outdoor life. Decorative stickers are an attractive addition charming look. At Multicolor Labels, we provide digital printing for holographic labels, fluorescent stickers and white ink printing on clear stickers.  We’re here to help you increase your company’s brand awareness with high quality, full-color custom decorative stickers. Have a creative idea for stickers? Contact us.


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