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Floor Decals

Floor decals

Floor Sign

  Practice additional safety massages with highly durable custom floor decals. Floor signs and graphics just perfect for free advertising. Keep patrons and staff safe with social distancing in high traffic areas. Make your work environment safe with floor decals for social distancing. With eye catchy colors, these are easily noticeable. Floor decals for new social distancing protocols will encourage your staff and customers to remain safe. Our floor decals are anti slip and scratch resistant making them highly durable and long lasting. We create custom floor decals for schools and public areas. Floor decals are used for directing with caution symbols and instructions in industrial spaces. These are easy reminders and easy-to-spot safety floor decals. Use floor decals on hardwood floors, concrete, asphalt or low-plush carpets.

Floor Decals

  Supermarkets require floor decals for products advertising on the floor space. Take advantage of free advertising on available floor area. Expose your services and products promotion signs. Use the valuable commercial floor space as the advertising hub. At Multicolor Labels, we specialize in creating custom floor decals for multipurpose uses. Get reflective floor decals and reflective floor stickers. These are made to be scratch resistant, slip-resistant and waterproof. Satisfaction guaranteed. Contact us for quotes today!


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