October 29, 2019

Floor Stickers

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Floor Stickers


Floor Stickers and Decals

Commercial floor stickers and vinyl floor decals are a very effective marketing tool. These stand out with the clear advertising message and are very eye catchy and hard-to-miss out. We create floor stickers that are extremely durable and long lasting, waterproof, smudge proof, anti-skid and scratch resistant. These days, floor stickers are an effective marketing tactic used as the right advertising tool to maximize the reach and response of your customers in a variety of ways. 

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Floor stickers and decals are popular for both indoor and outdoor use. From trade shows to retail outlets, grocery stores, outdoor events, commercial building corridors and many other places. Floor Labels are growing in popularity these days. The floor stickers, labels and vinyl floor decals can attach to smooth surfaces from hardwood floors and tiles to concrete, asphalt and even low plush pile carpets.

Commerical Use

These durable, die-cut floor decals can be used directly on the floor surface of the aisles advertising the merchandise easily. Commerical Buildings can use floor labels to help guide customers to their entrances and exits and can be applied to sidewalks as well.

Hospitals, schools, commercial complexes and auto retailers use floor decals as warning and directional signs that caution about occupational hazards, promoting safety practices. What’s important for any business is to select floor labels and decals that are attractive and durable, without having the adhesive ruin the surface. 

Buy Floor Stickers

At Multicolor Labels, we specialize in custom industrial floor stickers, self-adhesive vinyl floor decals that are formulated with specialty materials that allow them to stick strong but can be permanent type or removable, slip-resistant, waterproof and weatherproof. 

We design our high-quality printing to attract and appeal using bright colors that are fadeproof, bright and eye catchy. The ink is permanent, smudge-proof, scratch and abrasion resistant and chemical resistant through scuff-resistant lamination. Clients can send us their designs and we will print with digital printing technology in high resolution. Call us to add a splash of colors on your floors with premium stickers of any size or shape for any business, at competitive prices.


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